Is The Xbox One Consumer Screwing Policies Make It DOA And Give A Leg Up To Playstation 4?

In quite a shocking reveal yesterday, Microsoft has issued out statements (MS gaming license article, MS always online take article, MS xbox one kinect options article) as to how it was going to screw consumers and nail their coffins shut and bury them deep in the ground.


In the statements issued by Microsoft, it was outlined as how the used game policy will be handled by the publishers of the games and not by Microsoft itself. Microsoft said it will not be charging retailers, publishers, or consumers for enabling transfer of games. That means if you own a game and you want to share or exchange it with a friend, you can ONLY do it if the publisher of the game allows you to do so, if not its one game, per console, per person. What does that mean? well the friend you were going to share the game with needs to break his piggy bank to buy his own copy of the game or you have to break your piggy bank to buy a copy a game that you were going to receive during an exchange with a friend. Since we all know what kind loving souls businesses are, I am sure “all” the publishers will be lining up allow game transfers….NOT!! Microsoft has completely washed its hand off the responsibility of this entire fiasco and it said its own games (such as halo) will be available for transfer. I am sure the evil minions at EA and Ubisoft etc, are rubbing their hands together malevolently and relishing the demise of gamers and how expensive gaming is going to become for the everyday user and as to how thick their trench coats are going to get filled with money and trinkets.

scI don’t know about you guys, but I do share and buy used games and games that I do love a lot (God of War) I buy full price on the release day. Sometimes I have bought a game that I thought was good but about 15 minutes playing into it, I find out how crap it is or the game is not my type of game and then one of my friends sees the game and loves it so i end up giving it to him, sell it to him or exchange with him. At other times I buy a game finish it and sell it off or give it away. With the new licensing policy in effect with the Xbox One, all of that is going to change. Apparently you paying hard earned money on a game and buying it doesn’t mean you cant do whatever you want with it and you cant share it (this is to all the kindergarten teachers, stop teaching your kids that sharing is good because when they grow up, they are going to get screwed by unfair policies such as this….and to pre-schoolers reading this…well first you are not suppose to be reading this so go to a corner and suck on some glue or something…..what still reading then OK, don’t listen to your parents or teachers when they say share you stuff, its frowned upon by money makers when you grow up).

I just feel like it is a way for the game publishers to strip the consumer from their power and leave them bare and naked on a street corner with a pseudo sense of security and false promises. When I pay money for something, and buy it as my own, I would like to think it belongs to me and I can do whatever I want with it. According to the new policies enacted by Microsoft, they want our money for their product but we don’t actually own then product, so technically we are paying money for something that we think we own but we don’t and so we cant do whatever we want with the product that we though we bought. It like you buy a cookie, and you want to break it in half and share with your buddy but the guy who sold the cookie is saying “NO….YOU BUY COOKIE….YOU EAT COOKIE…WHOLE COOKIE!!”

I am also wondering what this might cause for people who buy a game but need to move out to another country (for work, for studying, or a solider being deployed in a country, etc) and will they policies effect the new account on a new Xbox One you will buy , and if the games YOU already bought will work on the new machine when you reallocate to a new country? Apparently Engadget had the same question and the Microsoft PR machine had this to regurgitate “The blog posts on Xbox Wire detail everything we can share today. We look forward to sharing more details in the months ahead.” Quite a nauseating reply indeed.

Now to move on to the other interesting fact that was released my Microsoft yesterday. This one is quite stupid to tell the truth. Microsoft explained more on their “Always Online” policy. They mentioned that the Xbox One will check in once every 24 hours through the internet and if it cant check in, you will not be able to play the game. This is Microsoft again telling the consumer that even though you bought the game, Microsoft will still dictate to you when and how you play the game. This is a very redundant policy indeed. Honestly what about people in other parts of the world who do not have a fast internet connection or even a proper reliable internet connection? Heck I know some parents who do not get their kids internet but still get them a game console. What if your internet connection gets disrupted due to a power surge or a storm or whatever and the service provider says it will take a few days to get it back up again and in the mean time you wont be able to play games and forget about the terrible storm that ruined your internet connection? I could understand how Microsoft thinks this can curb piracy but rather than making the Xbox One system more secure, they chose to act as gate keeper on how you play your games. Sony chose to make their Playstation 3 system more secure than to instigate the game keeper policy and the piracy rate of the Playstation 3 was the lowest compared to all the other consoles put together (yes it had a few hiccups with homebrew when Geohot jailbroke it, but rather than trying to be gate keeper and tell its consumers on when and how to play their games, they chose to deal with the problem on their own). Guess Microsoft is paranoid as its Xbox 360 games had quite a piracy record what with mod chips and the dvd drive (blu rays are harder to crack than dvd games). So instead of beefing up their system, they chose to drive another stake into the heart of the consumer. I am just wondering if there is some guy in Microsoft, who sits in a room and thinks up stupid shit ideas like this.

Lastly about the Kinect and its privacy issues with the Xbox One. With the Xbox One, the Kinect has become an essential packed in.  There seems to be a lot of privacy issues concerning the the new Kinect features for the Xbox One. Namely the “Xbox On” feature is in much debate over its privacy, considering it is always on, one comes to wonder if the data stream can be hacked into or where the data will be saved. The Kinect can also be integrated into games and other apps that can take videos, photos, heart rate monitors from accessories and store them. It is not yet knows properly how or where they will be stored, and if not stored locally on the machine, how long will it be saved on the Microsoft servers or other servers and who can access it? Considering the new enlightenment of the PRISM incentive program that the US government has which lets the government gather data from companies such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Apple, etc under the guise of surveillance (I will write more about the PRISM program on another post), will the data stored by Microsoft be accessible to outsiders without you even knowing? Microsoft keeps assuring that the privacy is good and slogans like “Privacy by Design”, which seems more like false advertising at the moment, but the new Kinect seems to be a very proficient hardware indeed, non can argue against that, but we also dont know what Sony has in plan for the PlayStation 4 Eye. Only time will tell.


Microsoft says stuff such as “How Xbox One and the New Kinect Sensor Put You in Control” and “Xbox One: A Modern, Connected Device”, but from what I can see, its a long way from that and after the debacle of Windows 8, it seems like another project that seems to carry too much baggage with problems from the start but even though Microsoft knows it, they are still going to be stubborn and go ahead with it just like they did with Windows 8.

So where does all this put Sony and its coveted Playstation 4? Actually we have no idea. Even though Sony representatives have said that the PS4 will not have the always online feature and also it will allow trading of games we still do not know officially and how exactly the trading will work, because Sony also said it will be leaving the option of trading games to the publisher of the games, but will it back step from that after seeing the negative fall back on Microsoft after officially annoying that very move? As of yet Sony has not made any official proclamations regarding trading games or the “Always Online” features but looks like this is an awesome opportunity for them to learn from the mistakes Microsoft is doing. Clearly it might be too late to make hardware changes to the PS4 but things such as licensing and privacy issues are things that Sony can consider now. Lets hope that at least Sony will not be as selfish as Microsoft and takes decisions that actually either give more power to the consumer or maintains the power the consumer already has at least instead of joining with Microsoft and sharing their policies and ending up stripping the consumer of everything. I guess we cannot answer those questions till E3 that will take place between June 11 to June 13, 2013. Contrary to what many people believe, the Playstation 4 does do almost everything that the Xbox One can do. IF Sony DOES address these issues properly, we can clearly state that Sony won this generation of the console war.

viva la consumer!!!!!!

Fix For The Weather App After Evasi0n Jailbreak: Get AppSync To Work With Weather App.


Alright, as many of you may know, the Evasi0n jailbreak was out this week and it is AWESOME. Most users started having problems with their Weather app on their iOS device after jailbreaking. The app would not either start up or would crash after loading.

Planetbeing issued an update to the evasi0n jailbreak to fix slow boots and also an update to the UIKit Tools to fix the Weather app issue, sadly the fix that planetbeing released malfunctions if AppSync is installed. For most who already installed AppSync and installed the update to Evasi0n jailbreak by planetbeing and still having problems. This tutorial is for you. Please make sure before you continue with this tutorial that you have updated your jailbreak through cydia and also the UIKit Tools through cydia.

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Down Goes The Chief Justice With Democracy And All!!

A dire day in Sri Lanka. Mahinda Rajapaksa, together with his circus of morons in the parliament have impeached the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake.  When I heard the news my heart just sank but I was not surprised, since whatever the Rajapksa brothers want, they get! This impeachment motion is just another rung in the ladder up for the never quenching thirst for power that Rajapaksa so dearly sought after. When the impeachment motion is signed in by Mahinda (and it will) the judicial system in Sri Lanka, the final place of reconcile for its people, will be gone. Hence forth will be the full out right rule of Rajapaksa. No one will be able to question him and disagree with him, whatever him and his band of bothers decide to do, they can and they don’t have to answer to anybody. The people have lost their voice. I have always though that democracy was long dead and that we were just a facade of pseudo democracy to please the international community, to pacify them; but this is a blatant route to anarchy and dictatorship and still we, the people of Sri Lanka, keep our mouths shut and let the Rajapaksa clan kick us around. Honestly do we have no self respect? have we no self determination? I guess its more to do with the mind set of the Sri Lankan people. All that the Rajapaksa brothers have to do is go on stage and say its anti-patriotic if we don’t think on their demented mind set, or the other same horse they have been riding on since the end of the war about 4 years ago, all they have to say is “THE LTTE IS BEHIND THIS” and most people in Sri Lanka have their panties riding up their asses. Honestly after listening to the same cock and bull for the past 4 years one would think the people would have wizened up by now, but no, not Sri Lankans. Its sad but its a common trait with all dictators, in how they have a way of mesmerizing people into their way of thought even if their way of thought is curdled up even more than a septic tank (Hitler anyone? he manipulated most of the German population to think along his demented ideas).

With the collapse of the judicial system, the final wall between the people and the government is demolished, leaving the people bare to be abused and taken advantage of by the government. Rajapaksa and family now hold the treasury, defense wings and now finally the judiciary in their power and they can use them as a marionette anytime they want to do whatever their bidding maybe and the people are powerless to stop it. The media has already been stifled to silence by the Rajapaksa government and his pet rabid mongrel Mervyn Silva. The people just curse under thier breaths but accept the tyranny. What I don’t understand is, how can we just accept the tyranny?? Are we such pathetic beings that we need to give up our human rights and our freedoms, so that politicians and their families can live such comfortable lives? Where is the voice of the common man?…….Oh yea the common man was found right here celebrating the death of democracy for a bottle of kassipu and a packet of rice not even knowing what they were protesting and celebrating about and the consequences of it! The government did the usual trick to fool everyone, get truck loads of people from the rural areas promising them money, food and liquor to come for a day into the capital to celebrate the impeachment of the Chief Justice and to show that they support the president on this decision to drive a stake through the heart of the blindfolded lady justice. If half of these morons actually understood what they were being duped into, they would be slinging mud at Rajapaksa! And since the regime has the entire media infrastructure in the country to only preach what they want people to hear, the truth never comes out and the people are always misinformed. If any media outlet dares to speak the truth, out comes the rabid mervyn and crew, with gun ablazing to silence them down. Where is the media freedom? Isn’t a free, well functioning press the epitome of a democracy?

There seems to be a great divide between the educated and people of the rural region, instead of educating them of the way of the world, the government exploits such people to further its own ends. Mind you its not like all the educated think straight, I know some educated fools who still try to rationalize stupidity even though they know its stupid. they can see all around them that democracy is decaying and dying but they still would rather turn a blind eye to it than accept it as the alternative is too tiring or risky for their lives! Is this the Sri Lanka that is remaining? We keep rambling on at anyone who will lend an ear as to how beautiful and amazing our country is and how there are so many hidden adventures for people to explore but is this the reality we are facing now? I usually tell anyone who asks about Sri Lanka from me that it is a beautiful and amazing country, with so much to see and do but its being ruined by bad politics! I stand by it. Sri Lanka is just AMAZING but the politics that’s going on in our country right now is just stabbing at our beautiful country and letting her bleed alive. We, the people let this happen! During each of Rajapaksas incremental seize for power we just stood back and let him! When he  infused controversial amendments into the constitution, we just sat back, whined and let him do it. When he kept increasing taxes under bogus new schemes, we whined and paid them. When he killed or subdued anyone who opposed him (the assassination of Lasantha Wickrematunge, the arrest of Sarath Fonseka and the stifling of the press by threats and intimidation) we just let them get away with it even though we knew the Rajapaksa family, together with the band of murderers he covers under his sarong (Mervyn and the fellow animal folk), were responsible. When Rajapaksa started conscripting family members into the government and giving them posts, not only did the family members did not deserve the posts, they also did know how to handle it and also abused it, and when Rajapaksa just started dishing out more power to these morons, we, the people, just stood back with our arms folded and nodded our heads and let it happen even though we knew autocracy will always be a stepping stone to dictatorship. When Rajapaksa started selling our country out little by little to the Chinese, first slowly, and now at an increasing and open affair, we just thought of the short term benefits and not think about the long term hole we were digging ourselves into. We have quite literally sold our soul to the Chinese.

We did not voice out! We never do! That is the advantage of the politicians in Sri Lanka. The know exactly how and when to manipulate us. We forget about everything that has been done and the amount of times we were used as mere pawns so that the President and his merry lot can live a luxurious life and a life of excesses at our expense. The rise of bad men into power is because of the silence of good men! That’s exactly what is happening in the country right now! Are we that gullible? Are we that stupid? Are we that repugnant? Is this what the people power of Sri Lanka is? I mean if politicians can open our mouths and pour manure into it day after day after day, and we just gobble it up and ask for more. Where is our self respect? When will be the time we spit the manure back at their faces and make them gobble it up! WE HAVE THE POWER…..WHY THE BANANA DON’T WE USE IT? The opposition is a worthless assembly of spineless jellyfish. They should voice concerns and retort on behalf of the people, but they don’t. The system is falling apart and very soon we, the people, will be paying the price.
By that time, the Rajapaksa family will have looted all our money and taken asylum in some other country with enough money for generations of thier families to live a luxurious lives, while we will be striving to make ends meet. This is not the Sri Lanka that I, or any single person who loves Sri Lanka, envisoned for her. I want my country to prosper and rejuvinate after all these years, not to be ravaged and exploited by mongorls who stride with power in their hands. The people put the power in their hands, and we the people have the power to take it way. The times of fidgeting with our fingers while our democracy and rights gets stripped away from us should stop. We are heading a totalitarian dictatorship which will culminate in no good outcome for the people. Its now or never. We should ask the people we elected into power the necessary questions and not be ok when they refuse to answer us, they are obliged to answer to us, we are the people!

The sacking of the Chief Justice is the last nail in the coffin of Sri Lankan democracy, any fool who doesn’t see that and any fool who does not acknowledge that, is a fool that let our beautiful country get defiled by selfish and ruthless politicians and helped our country sink into the deep, dark clenches of dictatorship. History shows how democracies turmoil into dictatorships, and Sri Lanka is showing all the signs. The international community will not do much to help, as they have their own agendas with Sri Lanka and they have too much red tape to cut through. Its time for the people to stand up and identify as the true owners of the country, not the politicians (they are just paid workers we have entrusted to run the country PROPERLY, in retrospect the people are the employers and the politicians are the employees. If an employee or employees are not working efficiently or we know they are abusing their position, as the employer we have the power to  relive them off their duties and find a better replacement). WE NEED TO VOICE OUT!!

I sincerly hope that Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake will ignore her dissmisal by Rajapaksa and contiune her work, honuring the motion put forward by teh Supreme Court that she can carry on with her work. She should answer to the law, not Rajapaksa. No matter what Rajapaksa thinks, he is not above the law. He is a common man employed by the people to do a job, and his job description does not constitute to be God. I hope the members of the judicial system, including all international lawyers condemn this impeachment and show Rajapaksa where he should stand. I hope the Sri Lankan Judaical system will not recognize any new Chief Justice who will be appointed by the government to be the puppet of Rajapaksa. All I can say is STAY STRONG Dr. SHIRANI BANDARANAYKE!! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!

P.S: 3 of my friends who read this article agreed with what was written but also advised me against publishing it as they were afraid for my well being, so of course I am going to publish it. I have already gotten a few hate mail and flack for my previous articles on the Rajapaksa regime but all I can say is “mmeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh”.  Some one has to voice out in some way.

Herb & Butter Mushroom Toast!! Yum..yum!!

Alrighty ladies, gentlemen and er….anybody/anything else that’s reading my post, today I am going to show you how I make my Mushroom Toast! It’s fast, easy, filling and 100% veggie 🙂 Awesome for students while you are studying for an exam and have the hunger calls and you cant waste a lot of time but also want a good cooked meal.

Before I dive into the recipe, I need to give out some pointers:

  • Use a really big pan, the pan should be big enough to hold all the mushrooms you are cooking in ample space. People usually end up stuffing their pans, and the mush room starts to get steam, instead of stir fried, and starts to sweat and ends up becoming soggy mush!
  • The pan should also be big enough so that nearing the end, while the mushrooms are cooking on one side, there should be enough space on the pan to place the slices of bread to toast on the pan.
  • The amount of mushrooms used and the sizes of the bread slice should be appropriate to the pan size (er…I had a small pan and I had soooooo much of trouble….come on…I am a student in a rented room with a tiny common kitchen, I would have used a bigger pan if I could, anyway, follow my recipe step by step and it will be fine)

Now on to the recipe my young ones…..


  • 2 Cups Mushrooms (I used crimini mushrooms, but you can use any mushrooms you want, but try to go for the ones that are firm and fleshy like button, crimini, shiitake, portabello and porcini. Try to avoid other varieties, especially oyster mushrooms, they tend to wilt and get soggy)
  • Red Onion, 1/2 a cup if you don’t like onions much, 1 cup if you LOVE them like me! sliced very thin and cut into half rings (you can use any type of onion but I guess its a Sri Lankan thing to use as much red onions as humanly possible, besides it adds a nice splash of color to the recipe and gives it that nice sweet/strong flavor that you don’t get with either yellow or white onions)
  • 5 Big Cloves Of Garlic chopped into tiny pieces. Try to find the biggest cloves in the garlic.
  • A Tiny Wedge Of Lemon, enough for about 15 drops.
  • 3 Basil Leaves, 4 Stalks of Thyme and 1 Rosemary (thyme and basil are like a match made in haven for mushrooms, especially thyme. Sadly, my grocery store was not carrying thyme or rosemary, so I made mine with only basil but added more of it since I didn’t have any other herb. When you guys make it you can use one of the herbs, or a combination of any 2 of the herbs that you like, or use all 3. I would really recommend thyme though for this recipe, its like magical unicorn farts for mushroom…meant it in a good way. The herbs are really important in this recipe as they are the main characters that add the soul to the recipe. If you couldn’t find any of these herbs then STOP RIGHT HERE….don’t do the recipe)
  • Crushed Chilli/Red Pepper Flakes 1/4 teaspoon to add a bit of zing (optional)
  • Pepper 2 teaspoon or as much as you like
  • Salt 1 teaspoon, might sound like little but later when you taste it and you think its not enough, add more. You can always add more salt, but if you put too much then your screwed, so start with a bit and later add more if needed 🙂
  • Butter 1/2 cup, if you like more butter add another 1/4 cup to this, like what I did (yes….I am going to die a slow, artery filled death)
  • Olive Oil 1/2 cup
  • Two slices of good, fresh bread (try to get fresh french bread from the bakery)


  • Keep a pan on high heat and toast the bread until the bread gets a tinge of brown color and the sides are crunch and toasty, make sure both sides are like this by flipping it half way through.
  • Keep the bread aside and let it cool.

  • Now keep the pan again and lower the heat to a medium and let the pan heat up.
  • Add the olive oil and let the oil heat up well.
  • As soon as the oil is nice and hot, add the mushrooms.

  • keep stirring and let them fry for about a minute.
  • Now add the garlic and fry for another minute.
  • Add in the onions and keep stirring.
  • While stirring the onion, add the pepper, salt and crushed chilli/red pepper flakes.
  • Cook for another 1 minute.
  • Add the butter in now and keep stirring, when the butter melts completely, add about 12 to 15 drops of lemon (yes it makes a big difference on the flavor).

  • Stir for a good minute and then add in the herbs. The herbs should be added last as we don’t wont them to get cooked completely but still give out their oils and flavors to the dish, we don’t want the herbs to lose color.

  • After about 40 seconds, push the mushrooms stir fry to a side of the pan and place the slices of toast bread on the other side of the pan and let it heat up (now you udnerstand why I wanted you guys to use a big pan :] )
  • When the toast gets warm, not hot, remove the toasts and place them on a plate.
  • Give the stir fry one last stir to make sure all the flavors of the herbs are mixed in well.
  • Remove the mushrooms from the heat and pour it over the dry toast.
  • We didnt use any fat or oils while make the toast and made it compltely dry becasue when you pour the mushroom over the toast, the toast will absorb the butter and oils in the stir fry and become nice and moist and juicy when you bite into it, so you only need to dry toast the bread slices.
  • Now serve while hot and make an awesome face when people compliment you on how awesome it tastes.

That’s it guys, now I really better get back to studying….exams in a week!! aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! May the power of the spoon be with you!! Good luck trying it!!

P.S: The final photographs of the toast looks crappy cause I didn’t have much light in my kitchen, but believe me they are much more colorful and vibrant than pictured!

Samsung Finally Rolls Out Gingerbread (2.3.3) For The Rogers Captivate (Canadian Variation Of Galaxy S) In Canada!! Where is AT&T’s?

It has come to my attention that Samsung has finally rolled out it’s gingerbread update for the Rogers Captivate in Canada. Bell released its update for the Vibrant a long time ago and many customers were wondering when Rogers was going to follow suite, and it’s been almost a month and finally, the update for the Captivate is finally out!! Customers shall rejoice 🙂

The availability of the update is not mentioned on the Roger’s website or on the Canadian Samsung website, but the update can be obtained by plugging your phone to the Kies Software (the official Samsung software for its current phones) through your computer.

The Kies software can be obtained here.

Now one has to wonder what AT&T is doing with its update in the US for the it’s captivate model? Its been ages and the promised update is still not out. Usually is AT&T that releases an update first and Rogers follow suit, but its been the other way around in the case of good ole’ Ginggy!! Why the delay? Have the people not been pushing the network hard enough to deliver it sooner? But how can that be? Blogs and threads have been buzzing with requests from people all over for AT&T to start rolling out the update….then why you ask is AT&T holding out?? well its simply because of lack of competition. AT&T’s and Verizon are the two biggest players in the market and that’s pretty much it. Rogers had to bring its up-game as soon as Bell, Telus and Virgin mobile started rolling out gingerbread updates.

I guess its all cooperate bull shit at the end of the day, as consumers we should at least demand what we deserve I guess!!

Oh and a word of caution, from the reports I read, the new Ginnngy cannot be rooted by any means that’s available at the moment! even Gingerbreak, has been patched (hmmm maybe that’s why there was a delay in the release of the update), so if you update, remember you will loose your root!!

Will a 120 volt playstation 3 work on a 230 volt outlet? Or will a 230 volt playstation 3 work on a 120 volt outlet? The answer will surprise you!!

Many people have the question if their 120 volt Playstation 3 will work if they plug it into a 230 volt outlet in another country, or will it lay a fart and fry. Some other people have the question whether their 230 volt Playstation 3 will work if they plug it into a 120 volt outlet, or will it just sit there like a brick. Many people consider buying a transformer, or a voltage converter. Even I was considering this when I was planning to take my PS3 slim from one country to another, I checked the internet and couldn’t come up with a good reliable answer, so I was curious so I opened up my PS3 to check the innards (an open chassis surgery so to speak).

Well will the PS3 survive the voltage changes? Well folks it looks like the PS3 supports UNIVERSAL POWER INPUT….that’s right, you can plug your PS3 from any country (that is of any voltage) to a power outlet in another country with any voltage, and the PS3 will not fall flat and die.

This is what was shown on the outside label of my PS3 from North America:

but when I cracked her open and checked the power unit on the inside, this is what it said:

Notice the outside label says to plug in only 120 volts, but the power unit on the inside notes that the unit can handle voltages between 100-240 volts.

Yeap, most modern electronics come with universal power input these says, as its much easier and cost effective for manufactures to make one product and labeling it different than making two varieties of the same product. Due to certain laws in certain countries and other mumbo jumbo, they are required to label the product as the power output of that country, even though the machine will accept universal input.

Again I dont know if this rule of thumb for the power supply will apply for the first generation PS3 (the fat one), my PS3 was the slim kind and this is what I found on the inside.

The New Thundercats Cartoon…..Mmmmeeeehhhhhh!!!


I grew with the original Thundercats when I was small. Coming home from school and sitting in front of the telly in the evening while my mum was screaming at the top of her voice to go finish my homework, but I don’t even flinch a muscle till I finished watching the episode. Now when I come to think of it, the cartoon was pretty kinky; what with Lion-O, Jaga, Pantharo and Tygra all wearing skin tight stuff that looks like it was made of latex. Still, me being young and all, I never even missed one episode of Lion-O kicking Mumm-Ra’s ass!!

Recently I came across the news that cartoon is gonna be reincarnated by Cartoon Network. I was really excited at first, but then I ended up seeing the promotional videos, trailers and the pictures and all I could say was NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! They destroyed it by making it into an anime style animation. The animation integrity was also really poor. The whole thing looked like an epic fail.

People who grew up with the original Thundercats are going to be disappointed in the lack of the essence of Thundercats, from what I can see of the promotional videos, it looks like the story takes place when the Thundercats were younger, hence will Snarf be there?? And I really don’t think Thundercats is a animation that should be done in the anime style. Really disappointed. Cheetara looks like a skank who was pulled out of a whore house with liver spots on her head!!

Kids who are going to be introduced to Thundercats now, will be just equating the cartoon to all the other anime that is out there and hence, this new version of Thundercats might to garner the momentum the original series did.

All I can say that, this was a bad revival of a cartoon which was an epitome of my childhood era and for many more out there. The new series looks like its going to place itself into the generic era of anime cartoons that is currently running around in the animation business and just another money making scheme by the co-operate backbone to get kids these days to buy plastic Swords of Omens and Panthro’s special nunchakus. When I was small and Pokemon came out, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have needed to buy trading cards to make the cartoon experience more entertaining, or I don’t think I would have needed to buy Beyblades to feel the story. No in my era of cartoons, the story had the power enough to capture the hearts and minds of kids instead of trying to make us buy material empathize with the story, the power of the story and animation was such that, without all these extra accessories kids these days buy, we still felt part of the story.



[dailymotion id=xk9epc]

[dailymotion id=xk9eqd]

Shankar Tucker And The Iyer Sisters…..An Amazing Cauldron Of Artists!!

I was pondering at the death of music, what with Bieber, lil miss Black, Lady Gaga, etc. I thought a stake was driven through the heart of music and laid to eternal rest. Then out of no where, two amazing artists gave me hope. One of them being Adele of course, her powerful and magnificent voice and talent just drew me to her like flies to unwashed gym socks (in a good way). I shall talk about Adele later, she deserves a whole post to herself 🙂 . Now the other artist who really brought back my spirit and lifted my optimism on music was the artist Shankar Tucker.

Shankar Tucker is a remarkable clarinet player and a music composer. His infusion of Indian music with Western is like pouring honey into one’s ears. It’s just pure magic. He meddles with the concepts of music which other musicians rarely tickle or consider taboo, and weaves it into a hypnotic trance he sets his listeners into, a music induced coma (again in a good way). There is a reason why many musicians avoid his track of music, as it’s quite difficult and not every musician can pull it off, but Tucker seems to be thriving in it. I have listened to musicians like A. R. Rahman and Harris Jayaraj, who have also, like Tucker, meddled with the common ordinaries and turned them into something extra-ordinary and I would have to say that Tucker is soon becoming, if he already has not, in the ranks and caliber of these maestros for the fusion of Western and Indian music.

His cover of A. R. Rahman’s song Munbe Vaa, was so amazingly beautiful to listen to that it put to rest my conception that the song could not get any better when I heard the original composition by A. R. Rahman. Tucker’s cover of the song just absorbs you into the song and stirs emotions within one’s self that you thought was never possible. The other side of the song is the vocal talents of the Iyer sisters, Vidya and Vandana, who provide their formidable vocal skills for the song. Their voices amalgamate ever so perfectly with Tucker’s musical skills to produce a rare gem of pure, raw talent. The sisters have an amazing voice that they have put to very good use in the song and with time to season and mature, their voices will become a valuable asset to the musical community in the near future. I wish them both the very best for their amazing futures ahead.


The cover of Munbe Vaa is not the only song that Tucker had used the Iyer sisters in. In another remarkable composition called Nee Nenaindal, Tucker has again harnessed the vocal skills of the Iyer sisters to the pinnacle of music. While listening to it, you feel like Tucker casts a spell on you and Vidya and Vandana mesmerize you with their voices and you got no choice but to fall into the abyss of pure musical bliss just spell-bound. The song is available to download from Tuckers iTunes here. He has also composed another song called Ashai Mugam with only Viya Iyer, but which is still just as amazing. Sadly the cover song of Munbe Vaa can only be listened and viewed at youtube and is not available for purchase.


I wish the very best for all three of these artists and I really do hope that they continue to work hard and also continue to work with each other as a combination with sync of this magnitude is quite rare to come across. All the very best for Tucker and I wish he lets his imagination run wild and deliver more of his master pieces and both the Iyer sisters to garner their voices to the their best and more.

Long Live Music!! (until Gaga kills it)


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