Why is Sri Lanka getting bad to worse?

yes the war is over, yes people have peace in the country, but what is the cost we have paid for this? have anybody considered it? we grasped the country out of the hands of terrorism and placed it snugly in the palm of a dictator!

I for one am glad the war is over, its time to move ahead and look ahead at bigger better things. But sadly what i noticed is this, the current political leaders are doing the exact same thing that was done in the 1950s. No i don’t want to drag up old stuff into this post but we cannot forget the past, we have to learn from it which is what the current leaders of the Island are failing to do. The decision of trying to make the Sinhala only national anthem is just going to be the start (Mr. Wimal “Grease-Head” Weerawansa said that the Tamil version of the anthem was a mistake), the national anthem should be sung from the heart and felt in your soul, how can a group of people belonging to a country sing with pride and love their own national anthem if they do not know what they are saying? is it really fair?? The next by the government is the acquiring of land belonging to the people of the North and the East into the army. This was exactly another reason that brought about the conflict in the 1950s.

Sadly in Sri Lanka there is no more voice, your either with the Rajapaksas, or your against them, that is you are either a patriot or a traitor. The majority choose to be a patriot for the wrong reasons, if they voice against the Mighty King Kong, they have to pay quite dearly with their lives (the baboon in the parliament Mervy/Pervy Silva will take care of that).

Most people fail to notice that most of the commercial tax payers, and the financial district is Colombo, but sadly, their voice is whats the least heard. They are frankly the people who are most affected. Previously, when the LTTE wanted to plant a bomb…where else but good ole Colombo, a government sponsored propaganda rally??….ohhh come to Colombo the busiest part of Sri Lanka and close the roads for the entire day, want to introduce a new expensive tax for business men?? there is more than enough suckers in Colombo..come come!! We are getting new foreign investors to Sri Lanka, but how long do you really think this will hold? Foreign investors will only be interested in a market where there are people to buy their products, but when there isĀ  a reluctance to spend? The Rajapaksas are slowly digging the graves of the local business men who, when the foreign investors leave, are the only ones capable of bringing the market back up! The Rajapaksa government is not helping, by causing a rift with all international communities. They recently rejected to renew the EU trade agreement, playing a game of tug-o-war with the UN and tickling the nerves of foreign diplomats in Sri Lanka.

They extort money in the form of new intricate taxes from people who have businesses, not to mention the kidnapping and threatening of them too (personal experience I gained from business men i know who live in Sri Lanka), this only causes business to move to other more stable markets in more stable countries.

I am not saying that its an easy job to run a country that’s just come out of a war, but at the price the people of Sri Lanka are paying, it seems like Sri Lanka is going to end up like another Cuba, Libya or North Korea. They say you can judge a man by his friends, have you noticed who Rajapaksa’s friends are? He is friendly with Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has numerous human rights violations under his belt not to mention running a government that is vastly influenced by bribery. Then there is Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the former Maldivian president, who was famous for his dictatorship style of rule, he is also accuded of autocracy and of nepotism. Recently Rajapaksa has offered asylum in Sri Lanka to the current Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Does anyone notice the pattern? Dictatorship, autocracy, nepotism,etc. Does anyone see the rise in the same pattern of rule in Sri Lanka?

How does all of this effect the Rajapaksas? It wont affect them at all, “why?” you ask, that’s easy to answer, the Rajapaksas practically have a stake in every business in Sri Lanka. The President, together with his brothers and sons, have a cut from practically every business run in Sri Lanka. They either get a cut or won the establishment. Any land they see fit becomes their own. The emergency rule (which is still in effect post war) lets the secretary of defense (good old Gotha), obtain any land he sees fit unto himself. Is it really right to give a secretary that much power? Is this power still required? Will the president have given the same amount of power to some other minister if that person were not related to him? All this affects only one person, the average common man/woman of Sri Lanka. A person who has to sweat blood in order to put food on his family’s plate, put clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads, while the Rajapaksas are happily enjoying their merits plucked from this common Sri Lankan!

I think it was Napoleon who once saidĀ  “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, But because of the silence of good people!”. Sad but true in the case of Sri Lanka. An opposition with no spine and engulfed with infighting, they too are old people sitting around a chair trying to chop another ahead to gain power. This is not true politics. Politicians are servants of people of a country to give them a better living. Sadly the masters have become the servants and the servants the Gods. This is the true nature of politics in Sri Lanka. The people have lost their voice. They should stand up for their rights and echo with once voice that they will not be banished without a fight, leave aside all their differences and voice out. Make the politicians understand that in front of the power of the people, their thuggery and manipulation will turn to dust.

Sri Lanka is such an amazing, beautiful place savaged by bad politics!

(your comments are much welcome, i will not delete them even if they are good or bad, its your opinion and i will respect it, but no trash talking or racial or religious comments! if i see that in a comment it WILL BE DELETED)

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