Streaming movies to arrive in Facebook!

It has been reported that Warner Bros Studio is planning to stream some it’s movies to Facebook. This will be an very interesting development, as the procedure is to rent the movie to watch it.

Any user wanting to watch a movie can rent it from Facebook for 30 Facebook credits, which is approximately equal to $3, they then have 48 hours to watch the movie.

Warner Bros thinks it might be a new way for them to procure more profits, but is it? will people pay money to watch something only through their browser, especially when there are quite a lot of illegal sites on the internet that let you do the same thing
The facility will only be available in the US at the beginning and if the initial US test proves successful, the facility will be rolled out to other countries.for FREE, not to mention there is no 48 hour restraint. Warner Bros is the first studio to work with the social networking site to bring about this feature and it seems like a very bold move indeed.

The first of the movies Warner Bros Studio intends to stream is of course “Dark Knight”. A good choice I would agree!!

I think it is a bold step by movie studios to take this step forwards, instead unlike those greedy assoles in the Record labels. Cheap and fast legal movies is a good initiative. Warner Bros was smart in choosing Facebook too as they don’t need to gather customers as there is already almost 500 million potential customers.

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  1. Interesting … but the whole idea of Facebook is changing more like a parasite lol.. they are working on integrating with sim cards and its not a social network anymore more. Plus billions of revenue they are getting out of it…

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