Let Kate Middleton Be!!

Went on yahoo today and there blaring on their homepage I saw something that got me going WTF!

Apparently Kate Middleton (yes the soon to be princess) is losing too much weight and more than her parents and husband to be, the press seem to be worried! For crying out loud, let the girl be. Every girl out there wants to shine during their wedding, and just because Kate is going to become a princess does not make it any different. She is a girl and she wants to fit into her wedding dress without problems, if that’s not normal I honestly don’t know what is!

Of course the Associated Press (that’s where yahoo got the handful of crap from) had certain “experts” talk about it too (honestly don’t these experts have other things to do??….like a job!!). One of the so called experts was a “top” London wedding planner called Mark Niemierko. He said that Kate was naturally tall and skinny (i think he wanted to say slim and slender and not those er…..sort of insulting words), comparing her to her sister.

He also said “I think she looks perfect, but everyone has issues about their bodies and I’m sure she just wants to be very toned”, ok then may i point out what about girls who are not as slender as Kate, according to him they are not perfect (oopsie Mr. Mark, you might loose some of your everyday clients).

Then there was a nutritionist, Amanda Hamilton, who said “She’s already slim enough so I would have concerns over that” and she went on to say “Anyone would look at her picture and ask why does she have to lose weight. She looks fantastic. She’s on the very slim end of what would be considered healthy. She’s not in the danger zone, I don’t think … but she doesn’t have any weight to lose.”

Danger zone or not, she wants to look nice for the wedding and its her choice. This is between Kate and William, at the end of the day she needs to look nice for herself and her fellar, and I really think it is none of the public’s or the media’s problem!

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