Guardians of Magic – Amanda’s Awakening Walkthrough (Part 1)

Ello ello one and all, another day another er…..I am hungry. Okay, anyway I recently started playing Guardians of Magic – Amanda’s Awakening, and finished it but then sometimes I did get stuck in certain places and since I am such a kindhearted fellow, I decided to make a walk through for the game (that and there was no proper walk through on the internet)! The game is actually very short and very easy.

Anyway lets start, just click on “skip” for the beginning cinematic and move onto the game if you want to.

1. Collect the 3 small gears scattered around the garden and click on the well on the right.

2. Arrange the gears according to their size and click on the well crank to bring the bucket up.

3. Take the bulkhead key from the bucket and remember the symbols on the bucket wall.

4. Click on the buck head door on the left corner of the screen.

5. Use the key from the bucket on the lock and open the door.

6. Use the inscription from the bucket wall on the tumblers. When the right sequence is entered, the tumblers turn green. Then click the button next to the tumblers and the door will open to the basement.

7. When you walk down to the basement you will hear a knock on the front door, go back up to the garden and at the front door there will be a package, pick it up and bring it back down to the basement.

8. Place the package on the right table down in the basement and use the box cutter from the other table to cut open the box.

9. Inside the box you will find a letter from Amanda’s grandpa, blue print for the Bubble Machine and a puzzle box.

10. Solve the puzzle box to get the 1st part of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.


11. Leave the basement and go to the hallway.

12. After the robot at the door leaves, open the puzzle box near the door and solve it to get the 2nd piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.

13. Notice the 4 picture on the wall on the left. There will be one picture missing.

14. Walk to the living room on the left.

15. Collect the the crystal ball on the table on the right and Mera talks to you (just skip it if you want to).

16. There will be a puzzle box on the top of the shelf , solve it and find the 3rd piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.

17. Next pick up the empty pitcher on the table and go to the garden well and fill the pitcher up with water from the bucket and return back to the living room.

18. Pour the water into the kettle, turn the light switch on to give power to the kettle and then turn the kettle on. When the water boils, the steam escaping from the kettle will reveal the code to enter the library on the mirror.

19. Now open the dresser drawer under the kettle and obtain the “Corvus” constellation map from it.

20. Notice the inscription on the fireplace wall. You cannot enter the code until the fire is put out.

21. Go down to the basement again and click on the furnace, then bring the pressure to 10psi by turning the 2nd, 3rd and 5th knobs.

22. Return back up to the living room and check the inscription on the fireplace wall and click each symbol according to the sequence of code shown on the steamed up mirror. The secret door to the library opens up.

23. Go into the library, and collect the letter on the top of the books on the right table, collect the quill pen on the table and finally the spell book from the podium  (you will learn the transport spell).

24. Click on the shelf on the left and collect the small key and solve the puzzle box and obtain the 4th piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.

25. Go back to the living room and use the key to open the trunk on the left end of the screen.

26. Inside the trunk you will find the “Capricornus” constellation. There will also be a puzzle box, solve it and get the 5th piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it. Then head back to the library.

27. Use the transport spell on the picture on the wall of the library. Just trace your wand on the shape to use the spell.

28. Use the clue from the letter you got from the library table to open the spinning lock. The sun must be in the 1 o’clock position and the moon at the 7 o’clock position.

29. Enter the Ritual Hall. Click on the piece of paper on the bench at the left corner and solve the puzzle box inside and get the 6th piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.

Alright guys, I am done for the day. Part 2 of the tutorial will be coming in about 2 days time! check back and I’ll have it up (stop whining, I have to study too my exams are coming up and this takes some time to write and prepare)

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