Guardians of Magic – Amanda’s Awakening Walkthrough (Part 2)

And here you go, as promised, part 2 of the Guardians of Magic: Amanda’s Awakening Walkthrough. The last and final part 3 will be posted soon (exams are starting so a bit busy).


30) Go into the room on the right of the Ritual Hall.

31) Click on any of the paintings on the left wall.

32) Find the 6 differences on the paintings to open a secret hole in the wall behind the painting.

33) Get the fire spell and the “Delphinus” constellation from the opening behind the painting.

34) Open the puzzle box on the table, solve it (you have the match the weights) to get the 7th piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.

35) Head back to the Ritual Hall and click on the telescope in the middle of the room.

36) Enter the coordinates of each constellation according the map to find the constellations on the telescope. Use the left and right buttons for the x axis and the up and down buttons for the y axis. After finding the constellation, match the stars according to the map to unlock each respective painting.

37) Three paintings would have been unlocked: Stone Circle, Courtyard, and Fairy Woods. Don’t worry about the other painting right now they will be opened later.

38) Go into the Fairy Woods painting by using the transport spell.

39) Pick up the puzzle box and solve the puzzle (move the bar to the left brick until the meter below fills when the fairy dust, I assume, enters it), . You will find the 8th and last piece of the Bubble Machine. Assemble it.

40) Now that you have assembles the Bubble Machine completely, activate it by clicking it on the left corner.

41) When the magical rune in the right turns pink, pick it up. Then click on the fairy sitting on top of the tree.

42) Pick up the scroll she gives you and head back to the Ritual Room.

43) Transport yourself into the courtyard next. You will notice a puzzle box in the middle a brambly bush that you cannot retrieve, and a gate mechanism without gears. Walk to the right and go to the beach.

44) At the beach activate the bubble machine and collect the magical rune when it turns orange, then pick up the sea shell and click on the bottle on the beach to get the “Monocerus” constellation. You will also notice that under the coconut tree you have something to dig up that you cannot do till you get a shovel, leave it for now and go back to the Ritual Hall.

45) Use the transport spell to go into the Stone Circle painting.

46) Use the Bubble Machine to collect the green and yellow magical runes and click on the circular rock in the middle.

47) Place each of the magical runes in the middle.

48) Pick up the torn in the middle and it ends up being the “Scorpius” constellation. Go back to the Ritual Hall.

49) Enter both of the new constellations into the telescope.

50) This will open the Courtyard 1500 and Magus Lobby.

51) Use the transport spell to go into the Courtyard 1500 painting.

52) Pick up the 3 gears scattered around and the also pick up the shovel and the schematic for the castle security mechanism. Leave the painting and go to the Ritual Hall and then transport yourself to the Courtyard.

53) Go to the beach and use the shovel to dig under the coconut trees to find a puzzle box. Solve the puzzle box to get the 1st piece of the Power Drain Machine (PDM).

54) Leave the beach and go to the main courtyard, and click on the gear mechanism.

55) Put the gears in order.

56) Then use the fire spell on the furnace.

57) Click on the gate switch next to the gate to open it, and go up the stairs.

58) Light on the torches according to the security mechanism schematic, using the fire spell.

59) Before going into the room, solve the puzzle box on the floor under the torches to get the 2nd piece of the Power Drain Machine.

60) Now head on through the door into the room.

61) In the room, pick up the hedge clippers, the spark spell and the “Pegasus” constellation. Open the puzzle box and solve it to get the 3rd piece of the PDM. Now head back down the stairs to the main courtyard.

62) Use the hedge clipper to cut the branches around the puzzle box to free it.

63) Solve the puzzle box to get the 4th piece of the PDM, then head back to the Ritual Hall.


64) In the Ritual Hall, enter the Pegasus constellation into the telescope.

65) This will open the circus painting. Use the transport spell to go into the circus painting.

66) Click on the right corner and collect the gold game token.

67) Next go into the red tent.

68) Arrange the mirror so the laser light hits the target.

69) Solve the puzzle box on the floor before entering the door to get the 5th piece of the PDM. Then enter the door.

70) Solve the puzzle box in the room to get the 6th piece of the PDM, and leave the red tent.

71) Enter the green tent.

72) Click on the Whack Machine, and use the spark spell to start it.

73) Whack the gophers then the mechanical bug that flies until you destroy it and win the game. Collect the ticket that pops out at the top after winning the game.

74) Next click on the slot machine.

75) Pull down the lever and push the two buttons to stop at the Pegasus symbol (the horse with wings). Collect the ticket when you win it.

76) Click on the ticket machine and insert both the tickets in, then punch in B-1-3 to open the door to the puzzle box.

77) Open the puzzle box and solve it to get the 7th piece of the PDM. Then head back to the Ritual Hall.

Alright this is the end to the second part of my tutorial, the third and final one will be posted soon!!

11 Replies to “Guardians of Magic – Amanda’s Awakening Walkthrough (Part 2)”

    1. hmmmmm that’s weird! save the game and restart it and then try! usually it wont let you light it in the wrong order it wont let you! try restarting and let me know!

  1. i cant seem to do the puzzle in the woods for the final piece of the bubble blower i cant find the valve or anything i cant skip it either and wen you open the box the puzzle is empty.

    Please please can anybody help!

  2. wen i enter the the fairy woods i go to pick up the puzzle box i open it up but there is nothing just a blank ive tried everything but cant get any further because the last piece of the bubble blower is there i cant skip the puzzle either! Please HELP

  3. I must’ve missed something because I can’t find the last piece of the PDM, or is there not a piece to fit into the 2 holes on the front of the lid?

  4. Hi I cannot find the constellation paper that opens the Fairy Woods….re-started the game & still missed it….grrr…could you please let me know where to find this….its Coryus x=5 y=3 but where is the freaking paper lol.

  5. Hi dude i have same problem i cleared all puzzels but the last puzzel part of bubble blower wont worked. there is only a piece of woood and the bricks are missing what should i do how to cmplt that puzzel am i missd something…

  6. hai pi

    i dont know how to complete my bubble machine.only last part is missing

    and also i couldnot open the scorpio and the particle board is empty

    i dont know wat 2 do

    help pla

  7. Hi, I have the same problem as most. when I enter a fairy wood and open the puzzle box to get the last part of bubble blower, there is nothing in the box. is empty. is the explanation of how to solve it but there is nothing to move as your samples in the photo. Help!

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