Sri Lankan’s take on Libya…..Do they really know what’s going on?

It was interesting how the Rajapaksa regime reacted to the current situation in Libya. I have been following the ties between Libya and Sri Lanka for sometime now, namely from April 2009 when Rajapaksa visited Libya.

In his visit to Libya it was reported that Rajapaksa accumulated a deal of $500 million from the Libyan government for the development of Sri Lanka, and we all know where the most amount of money that comes as aide to our country ends up in.

Its interesting the people Rajapaksa holds hands with. Gaddafi is and eccentric and paranoid ruler. His law of execution of any one who forms a political party reflects that of Mahinda I guess (hint hint Fonseka). While Gaddafi is a profound in the English language, he removed all foreign languages from school curriculum, seeming more like a hypocrite than what not. Libya is also country that is under a lot of media censorship according to the Freedom of Press index, another similarity between the Rajapaksa regime and the Gaddafi regime. Every time there was a time of turmoil or Gaddafi feared for the stability of his government, he readily sponsored state violence and high profile assassinations to quench any protests against him no matter how bloody it got or the death toll it accumulated. Again is it just me or is Libya seeming more and more like Sri Lanka?? Gaddafi is also a person who goes to any extent to get his hands of nuclear and chemical weapons. He tried and failed twice to acquire nuclear weapons from both China and Pakistan. The Chemical Weapons Convention has verified that Libya has a stockpile of over 20 metric tonnes of mustard gas and other toxic chemical agents of weapons grade in its arsenal. Maybe this is why Rajapaksa is soooooo eager to get into bed with Gaddafi, maybe Rajapaksa’s hunger for power and the accumulation of nuclear and chemical weapons is fueling this taboo relationship with Gaddafi. Gaddafi was also responsible for the ordering of many international assassinations and plots that led to the ultimate demise of his public opinion internationally, one of the most famous of those plots was the Pan Am Flight 103 bomb that killed 259 people.

Gaddafi is also famous for his many paranoia that can even put Charlie Sheen to shame , even when he was having plastic surgery done, he wanted only local anesthetic to be applied as he wanted to be vigilant if someone was gonna snuff him while he was under the blade,

Something else that is totally off topic is The Revolutionary Nuns (also called the Amazonian Guard), this is the elite all female bodyguards who are employed by Gaddafi to protect him and hand picked by him. One of the requirements to join the guards is to be a virgin….hmmmmmm interesting.

So why does the Rajapaksa government want to entice such a prolific relationship with a broken leader of a country who carries out such atrocities and crimes? A very good question indeed. The people should be asking these questions, instead the people of Sri Lanka woefully just glance at the propaganda spewing, brainwashing media of the state owned ITN and Rupavahini news, which is just the mouth/ass piece of the government. Media outlets like these should be ashamed of themselves for spoon feeding the masses of pure bull shit.

Instead of supporting the move by the UN and collation and of course the rebel fighters in Libya, I hear news that Rajapaksa wants to give asylum to Gaddafi in Sri Lanka and I see pictures like the one below.

Idiots brought in by the government to act like asses on the streets and give Sri Lanka a bad name in the international community for a few rupees, a lunch packet and some alcohol. The people in Sri Lanka are subjected to soooooo much state sponsored propaganda, that the Rajapaksas just have them all wound around their fingers. It is like they will gobble up Rajapaksa’s piss if he goes on the media and stays its a drink from the fountain of youth. The uneducated acting like this is understandable and all they need is proper guidance and two see both sides of a story to take a better decision, but its sad to see even the educated in Sri Lanka acting like fools and choose to ignore the other side and blindly fall through with what they are fed by media in Sri Lanka.

The NATO forces and the collation are just enforcing a system where civilian casualties are kept to a minimum. The out cry in put forward by the government in Sri Lanka is that these measures are actually killing civilians, well then the government didn’t seem to have an itch in their pants when they attacked civilians during the final few months of the war. Oh yes…pretty sure by the Sri Lankan temporary amnesia would have kicked in and everybody would have forgotten about that. The government is just being hypocritical and manipulative of the people and they are just swaying according to the Rajapaksa’s whim.

One should also know that the current uprising in Libya didn’t just happen all of a sudden or by magic. People in Libya are not happy with Gaddafi’s government, they have not happy with it for years but every time an opposition gained momentum, Gaddafi suppressed it with pure violence and intimidation. The collation or the UN did not start this, they did not provoke it they are just preventing the lives that will be lost if Gaddafi tries to quench this massive uprising. Pro-Mahinda supporters are saying (so is that other educated fool G.L. Peiris) that it is Libya’s internal affairs and that the UN should not interfere, well right back at Sri Lankans, if the people in Libya feel that they need to oust their current dictatorship and establish a proper rule for themselves let them go ahead and fight for it with whom ever they seek help from. The rebels use the attacks on Libyan military targets by the collation for their advantage, why shouldn’t they when Gaddafi hires mercenaries from other countries to go on killing sprees across the streets from Africa?

Have any one of you heard about the lady Iman Al-Obeidi who was raped by Libyan government troops at a checkpoint just because she was from the rebel-held city of Benghazi. The lady ran into the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, where most of the foreign journalist were lodging and started telling them about how she arrested in a checkpoint near Tripoli because she was from Benghazi, and detained for two days. While in detention, she was raped by 15 Libyan government troops.She had bruises and cuts on her face and body and she showed them to the reporters and also pleaded the reporters to make it public as her friends were still held in captivity. While she was talking, government forces entered the hotel and tried to silence her and drag her out of the hotel and in the scuffle that followed the government authorities and the government security forces smashed a CNN camera, threatened the Sky News team with a gun, and seized a device a Financial Times reporter had used to record Obeidi’s words. They closed Iman Al-Obeidi mouth and stuffed her into a car and took her to an undisclosed location. No one has seen Iman Al-Obeidi after that. This is not some well spun hoax but true. Pretty sure incidents like these were never reported on either ITN or Rupavahini, hence the people in Sri Lanka are oblivious to it.


So again why does the Sri Lankan goverment support such a blood thirsty and scandal ridden Libyan regime? Well the Sri Lanakan regimn is bloody thirsty and scandalous too, but then one needs to ask what about Sri Lankan civillians? where have your freedom of thought gone? why cant you make a sensible judgement on your own without being dictated to?

Its a sad instance for Sri Lanka, but if the people don’t notice what the Rajapaksa government is doing to them, they will pretty soon end up being run by Rajapaksa, a power hungry, self proclaimed ruler with a Gaddafi-complex, for years to come.

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