8-Year-Old gets pepper sprayed!

I thought I wont post anything on my blog till my exams were over but came across some interesting news so had to share it.

A 8 year old boy from Colorado, Aidan Elliott, got pepper sprayed by the police cause he was being an ass in school. According to the police report, Aidan got started  into his tantrum while on the school bus, and after he reached school, during breakfast, he went loco and started throwing chairs at his teachers. “He was being very aggressive, very violent,” said Melissa Reeves, the school district spokeswoman. Aidan Idiot then started to throw more chairs and a tv. Fearing for the safety of the other 8 students in the classroom, the teachers took the students into an office room and barricaded themselves with the students inside the office room. The idiot then tried to break the office door down with a cart to get to his fellow students and teachers inside the office. No one apparently could calm him down, not even the staff in a program for children with behavior problems like him. So they called police, who had intervened with Aidan twice before.

When the police came to the scene, they found Aidan with a foot long piece of wood trim with a knife like point at the edge in one hand and a card board box in the other, and he had screamed out to the police “Come get me, fucks!!”. They tried to calm him down and when they couldn’t, one of the officers sprayed the boy with pepper spray and he blocked his face with the cardboard box to miss the spray, so the officer sprayed again and the second one hit his face and that was the end of He-Man.

His mother, Mandy Elliott (the other idiot) came to the school as the officers brought the boy out for fresh air soon after squirting him with the pepper spray so the effect of spray could dissipate, and the paramedics were treating his red, irritated face with cool water. When Mandy asked her son what he did and he told her that they sprayed pepper spray on him she had reported to have said “Well, you probably deserved it!!” (hahahahahahaha).

the police and officials at Glennon Heights Elementary in Lakewood, Colorado, say it could’ve been worse. Police spokesman Steve Davis said “Had the officers chosen to be hands-on with him, the potential for him getting some type of injury and, maybe even officers, would have been much higher”, he further went on to state “It was the best choice made”. Aidan was swearing and shouting expletives at his teachers and threatening them, Davis said. He taunted police when they arrived.

Later Aidan and his mum went on NBC’s “Today” show and Aidan said “I wanted to make something sharp, like if they came out, `cause I was so mad at them”, he further said “I was going to try to whack them with it”. His mum, Mandy Elliott, said on NBC that she wished the police would have tried talking to him and for police to get special training in dealing with children. She also said that she wished the police waited until she arrived to have used the pepper spray. When asked from Aidan about his pepper spray incident, Aidan replied “I kind of deserved it”.

Pepper Sprayed 8-Year-Old Boy Speaks Out on ‘GMA’ (04.06.11)

This is not the first time the police had to deal with Aidan, two other times the police was called to pacify him and on those occasions they were able to talk and calm him down.

Aidan has now transferred to another school (God bless the kids there!!).

First off, good God, what the banana child rearing and school system do you guys follow?? If I ever did something like that mum would smack me silly right across the face and make sure I will never forget that beating for an eternity to come. Heck my school wont even call the police or my mum (even if they called my parents they would tell them to smack me right across the face), I will just be dragged to the principal’s office and he would give me a damn good thrashing and a well deserved caning. Through out my whole life time at school my friends and I have gotten slapped, knocked on the head, caned and a whole lot of punishments by our teacher, principals and of course our parents. Right now in my life I am glad they did, my friends and I wouldn’t be the people we are today if we didn’t get that good beating earlier in life. I mean I am not telling people to just go hitting kids willy nilly, but sometimes there is no better way to get a message across. Yes my parents and teachers hit me but they never hurt me or broke my bones or made me bleed it was just to get me in line and I am glad they did, if not I would have been like little idiot Aidan. Any one with a right mind can tell where Aidan is going to end up in his life if his parents and teachers are going to tolerate this sort of behavior.

What his mother should have done is given him one thundering slap right across his face instead of first saying he deserved it and then later going on tv and playing the part of a self pitying mother whose son got screwed by the law and saying that the police could have pacified him by talking to him. One this Mandy, with kids be consistent, when even you say one thing one minute and something else another, how the heck can you expect your kid to know whats right and whats wrong then? My mother hit me when I small not because she hated me, actually she hit me cause she loves me and didn’t want me to end up being a hooligan like Aidan. Furthuremore, she said that she wanted the police to have special training in handling kids, my question is why the banana should take special training for a job she should be doing? She should be taking special training on how to raise children, cause clearly she has no idea what  the heck she is doing. The police should handle all their work and also train in how to raise her child for her. Woman if you are not ready to be a parent, then don’t have kids and destroy their lives and others lives in the process.

And Aidan my boy, hahahahahaha i laughed my heart out when I read how he yelled out “Come get me, fucks!!”. But jokes aside he could have caused a lot of damage and done some serious harm. His attitude and behavior need a lot of change and adjustment. He got a lot of violent tendencies and issues that can lead him to a lot of trouble later on in life, nothing a good tough love cant cure. Kids are not born assoles, its the parents rearing that decides who they turn into.

I think the police did the right thing and so did the school officials. He could have really hurt his teachers and the other kids in class. He could have even injured the police officers if they were not careful and did not act quickly. If they had waited for the mum to arrive, like how Mandy wanted, there would have been some serious consequences. Mandy would have taken her own sweet time to arrive and if the cops waited for her to come on her request, her lil’ monkey would have driven a piece of wood through someones face. The cops did the right think and hats off to them. I really feel sorry for the teachers who have their hands tied with red tape. Its good thing not all teachers hit students, cause some of them go out of hand, but not all teachers are the same, some know just what the right amount of tough love is like my teachers. Its sad that they have been given no rights to even a little bit of tough love, instead they have no choice but to run and cover from a 8 year old when he is behaving like a jackass.

When parents and the systems put in place around a child are acting irresponsibly, how can a governments later complain about increasing criminals in the population?

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