Is Fonseka Being Framed For Lasantha’s Murder? New Update On Lasantha’s Murder Trial!!

In an interesting twist of fate, I recently read some news that actually made me feel like that there is still some bravery left in the human soul.

A former army intelligence officer has stepped forward to the Mount Lavinia magistrate and told the magistrate that under the instruction of the OIC (Officer in charge) of the TID (Terrorist investigations department), he was asked to claim that a top army official was responsible for the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunge. It doesn’t take a genius to put together that of course this high ranking official in the army is none other than Sarath Fonseka, and the person who invoked the underhand scheme is none other than Rajapaksa and Gotha (Goat-a) in their smear campaign against Fonseka as soon as they found out that he was going to be a contender in the presidential election. Furthermore, the intelligence officer also said that he was also instructed to report that the same “top ranking army official” was responsible for the assault on two journalists. In return for his false reports and claims, the army intelligence officer (ironic….he is an intelligence officer, but I really doubt if he has any intelligence to go and agree to something like this) was promised an opportunity to go overseas, and security and protection for his house in Sri Lanka.

I have no idea why the intelligence officer has come forward now, maybe Raja-poopoo and Goat-a didn’t keep their promises or maybe he had a guilty conscious or maybe he started springing tentacles out of his butt, all I know is, considering the current hostile anti-democratic clamp down by the government that is going on in Sri Lanka, the intelligence officer had to be really really brave to step forward with this crucial information. Hats off to this man for his bravery but also he should be slapped across the face for letting himself become grasped into hands of greed; but then again if this man hadn’t done it, the government would have gotten someone else to do it and gotten rid of him just as a safety measure, and the new man that they might have hired to do the dirty work might not have come forth like this officer did and we would never have known about any of this, so I guess it did happen for a reason.

What ever said and done at the end of the day, a passionate journalist lost his life in order to revel the truth and corruption that the current government is engaging in. Lasantha was the man who questioned Chandrika Kumaratunga about her education qualifications from Sorbonne Universirty, and Chandrika responded that she was a graduate from Sorbonne. Lasantha was the journalist who investigated these claims and inquired from Sorbonne if Chandrika ever attended Sorbonne and the university proclaimed, no such student ever attended Sorbonne. When Lasantha sent a letter to Chandrika confronting her with his findings, a letter came back from her office stating that “a letter to Her Excellency the President is only forwarded to her when it is sent from a human being and not an insect like you”. Lasantha, of course not intimidated, published with evidence all his findings on his news paper, and two weeks later, armed men stormed the Sunday Leader premises held the employees at gun point and set fire to the printing equipment. This was not the last time that the Sunday Leader premises was torched, it did happen quite often later too.

[The Chandrika & Sorbonne Story]

This was just one example of bravery, from this exceptional man. The muzzle that has been put on the media by the Rajapaksa regime after Lasantha’s demise is so strong that its put an effective choke hold on all truth considering the current regime. No one was more happier to see Lasantha murdered than Goat-a, whose only goal was to see the shutting down of the Sunday Leader publication and he has, in fact, made sure this will happen by the 2 billion rupees defamatory charges won against Lasantha at the Mount Lavania courts. Having the courts, the chief justice and all other entities, that can tarnish their current grip on the state, under their control, the Rajapaksa brothers seem to be an God like feeling of euphoria.

The army intelligence officer in question, is currently held in remand custody until the 26th of May, more than enough time for the government goons to “take care” of him. I just hope that the truth, at least for once, comes to light and the people responsible are apprehended and justice will be served.

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