Mother gives 8-Year-Old daughter Botox injections for the sake of child beauty pageants: WTF!!

Yeap you read the title right, Kerry Campbell gives her daughter Botox injections and waxes her legs in order to give her a leading edge in child beauty pageants. Kerry had asked her daughter, 8 year old Britney Campbell, if she wanted Botox treatment, as Britney was complaining about “wrinkles on her face”, and Britney agreed to the idea. Kerry then started to administer Britney with Botox injections from hence forth. Britney Campbell, who is a beautician by profession, buys the Botox online and injects the Botox around her daughters lips,  around her eyes and forehead.

Furthermore, the mum also waxes her daughter’s upper legs in case she hits puberty and any ‘fluffy hair’ starts to appear. The ‘fluffy hair’ is what that hair is called around the child beauty contest arena. Britney also added about the waxing of her legs as “I just don’t think it’s ladylike to have hair on your legs. I did that one time. It was super, super hard. It hurts.” When asked if she would like to be waxed again, Britney answered ‘No’.

Kerry told that she gives her daughter Botox since others mothers in the child beauty pageants do it too, and that even she uses it on her self and she knows what she is doing and that she is not being a bad mother and she is taking care of her daughter and her daughter is normal like every other little girl.

The San Fransisco authorities have started an investigation to see if the child is being abused and there has been a massive upsurge my people everywhere against what this mother is doing to her daughter.

Kerry also declined to tell where she got the Botox from, as it is not approved by the FDA to use Botox on children under the age of 18 for cosmetic reasons as Botox, if not administered correctly, can cause a person to stop breathing and die.

First and foremost, WTF are they thinking having beauty pageant for kids?? Why they banana do they want to sexually objectify little children? Isn’t that a form of abuse? Isn’t it wrong? If pageants like this do not exist, the parents can stop being an assoles and actually let these children have a proper healthy life instead of stuffing them into pageants and ruining their childhood , not to mention the psychological and physical damages they put these children through. Responsible parents and the government should take actions to put forward sanctions against people who have these so called child beauty pageants.

Next, do these parents have bread pudding for brains? I mean when I was 8 years old, I was climbing trees, playing hide and seek and having fun with my friends. This is insane, kids these days don’t have a childhood, from the time they go to school, the parents shove them into tutoring so that they have a better chance of getting proper grades at school. They carry books in their bags that are twice their weight and they cant even stand straight with that much of weight on their backs. I mean all those amazing childhood memories that i have with my friends, these kids are getting robbed of it. At the end of the day there are no bad children, only bad parents who end up raising bad children. Its utterly the parent’s fault. And this bitch Kerry WTF is she thinking? She goes and asks her 8 year old if she wants Botox for her so called wrinkles and this dumbass gives it to her. An 8 year old is an 8 year old, they do not know the side effects of Botox and the future repercussions of it, its the parent’s responsibility to know whats good and whats bad for their children. She should have not entered her daughter in this stupid child pageant fiasco in the first place and second she should have told this little girl that she is too young to be thinking about looking pretty and worrying about wrinkles, instead of pumping her with Botox. Does this stupid woman even know the dangers of Botox and self administration of it instead of qualified professionals?? If applied improperly and the Botox drips town to the throat or breathing chambers, the person can die. Not to mention the Botox itself must be of good quality. Doctors are against people doing stupid things like this, but this dumb shit doesn’t only do it on herself, but she gives it to her kid. Just cause other mums in the pageant business do it doesn’t mean you have to do it to your kid you dumbass!!

Lastly the girl Britney. I don’t know if she was forced be like this or the external influences that she has been going though led her to be like this but she is too young to be worried about wrinkles and winning beauty pageants. She said its not lady like to have “fluffy hair”, for crying out loud….you are not a freaking lady… are still a little girl, so behave like one! You may win this beauty pageant, but by the time you are 20 you are going to look like some piece of crap that an alien farted out cause of all the Botox and crap you are putting into yourself.

Monitoring boards should keep an eye on these so called pageant mums and make sure their kids are not getting abused, furthermore the bodies in concern should also take all the actions to put a stop to such stupidity as child beauty pageants.

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4 Replies to “Mother gives 8-Year-Old daughter Botox injections for the sake of child beauty pageants: WTF!!”

  1. Oh my goodness, this is really sad, how can a mom do that to her own child?
    I can’t even express that mom’s stupidity, is she insane to ingect her 8 year old with botox? Doesn’t she know the side efecst? What the Hell! Where is her dad in this whole story, doesn’t she have one to controle her mother? Gosh, some day, someone will ingect botox in a newly born if this shit spreads out.

  2. some mums may go overboard wth these pegents mums remember their yr daughters their humans their not dolls pegents shld b like playin sports for fun looks arent everything n women tht have the looks u do lose thm its life be natural sme makeup to inhise yr beAuty not to make u look like a clown n dress thm their age i blame the rules on tht the judges who make the rules their not lettin girls b girls n mums then get out of hand

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