A False Prophet In The Modern Era – Harold Camping!!

The rapture, predicted by the Christian pastor and radio broadcaster for “Family Radio”,  Harold Camping, never happened on the 21st of May 2011!! He apparently predicts the end of the world by using numerology, math and the bible. I was eagerly looking outside my window to see people floating to haven (sarcasm intended here) and waiting for the tidal wave of hell fury on Earth, but sadly I didn’t see any balls of fire, monsters running down the streets gnawing on people or even the biggest world catastrophic event of them all, Lady Gaga admitting her mother dropped her on her head when she was small from a two storey building!! Nothing happen, I was soooooo disappointed, cause I wanted to soooo badly put on my Ninja Turtle costume and fight the forces of evil, but all I got was runny nose standing outside on my patio in the cold with my nunchuks at the ready!! The most scariest thing I saw was my neighbors dog cleaning his balls!!

On a more serious note, how the banana can people in this self established modern era fall for a nutter like him? are people that blind? They cant believe that there might be life in other planets in space but when a nut-job tells that the world is going to go ka-blewie in a few days they go nanners!!


First take a look at this so called prophet. Mister Harold (liar liar pants on fire) Camping has twice before predicted that judgement day was coming and  garnered so much of donation to his church or group or whatever scam engine he runs. His previous judgement days were suppose to be on May 21st 1988, and September 7th 1994. Again nothing happen, there was no second coming of Christ on the said days and nobody got judged. So obviously when he needed to get more donation and money into his scam machine this time, he could not use the same judgement day excuse again, so he hyped it up to include the coming of Christ, Judgement day, rapture and also the total destruction of Earth on the 21st May 2011. This seemed to get the attention of the religious nutters and red necks laying around to run around in circles chasing their tails. In the middle of all the commotion, Camping seems to have cashed in big time! According to the IRS, “Family Radio” is almost completely run by donations and its net worth at $72 million dollars. Is it just me or do other people see something going on here too?? After his supposed end of world prediction came and went by without incident, people were left with a lot of questions but no one to ask those questions from, because on 22nd May 2011, no one could reach Camping. Calls to him were unanswered and he was missing. Finally he surfaced again on the 23rd and said that he was sorry and felt terrible that his prediction didn’t come true. So what does a scam artist who just got caught red handed do? why of course tell a new lie and start a new scam and that’s just what he did. Now he has revised the day of apocalypse, the new date is 21st October 2011 (everyone stock up on new diapers before then just in case you crap your pants again). He further went on to state he could not give financial advice to those who spent their life savings in the belief the end was ending. In other words he is saying “you were idiots and fell for it so go screw yourselves now”.  My personal opinion is that he is a very very smart con artist. Pulling the same trick 3 times and getting away with it on so many people, now that’s skill (wrong skills but still skills). He used people’s blind faith and close minded beliefs and personal vulnerabilities to get what he wanted, and people just blindly fell into it. He was the piper and he smooth talked thousands to walk in line and take the plunge. He is an engineer by profession, he has a B.S (bull shit in my opinion) in civil engineering, so of course he is smart and had the brain cells to carry on this elaborate plot and succeeded quite well in it too. He is clever old man that uses his strengths for all the wrong reasons, but then again there will always be people who will fool as long as there are people to fool. I, for one, would really like to meet Camping’s math professors and teachers. He got the prediction wrong for the third time using math, he must be really bad in his math! I have no idea how he became an engineer if his math was this bad. He gives all engineers a bad name!

Most of my anger is at the people who followed him without question. Faith is good, but blind faith is stupid. How can these people be hypothesized into selling all their land, valuables and invest all their life savings into the scam? Some people have had yard sales to sell all their house hold possessions or given them away to friends, family and strangers. Some have sold all their property and houses to follow this mayhem. I know in their heart they believed it was true and wanted to help other people from having a terrible fate that they believed will come, but this is taking it to a whole new level of absurdity. People have sold everything owned and donated to Camping’s organization so the organization will have enough funding to carry on with the false prophesy. Compared to the millions of dollars that was donated, only some billboards, painted RVs and people handing out pamphlets was done. Can anyone think where all the rest of the money went? well right into the pockets of Camping and the other bastards who run the scam. Camping and his fellow thieves were smart, they established their stations and places where they knew they can find easily manipulated religious fanatics and people whose will and can easily be bent and vulnerabilities easily exploited and spent a long time spreading their false propaganda. They just fell one after the other right onto his lap. Many people even had their pets euthanized in the fore running to what they believed will be the end of the world. Those poor animals got caught into the fanatic melodrama of their owners and had to pay with their lives sadly. In the middle of all this, it seems nobody noticed that Camping himself didn’t sell any of his properties or assets.

As long as there are close minded and easily manipulated people out there, there will be more scum like Harold Camping, who use religion as reason and the bible as a shield to their underhand games. People like Camping give legitimate religion who actually want to help people and people with honest, real faith to God, a bad name. Faith is good, people have a right to believe what they want to believe but having a blind faith and letting yourself be caught up in such an absurd plot is pointless. Religion should be a beautiful, intricate mix between faith, sense and sensibility if not people like Camping will emerge to further their own ends. This is not the first time he has pulled a scam like this, at least then the people who followed him were not being cautious. Most of the adherent followers of Camping have lost everything and he just slapped them across their face and ignored them. He doesn’t even take part of the responsibility for these people giving up all their possessions on his behest that the world was going to end. These people gave up everything they has because they believed him and he doesn’t even care about them and set them out now to fend for themselves. Some of his followers gave up their work, took holidays from their work and left behind family and friends. Some of them maybe be able to fix their lives again but some of them sacrificed quite a lot and their lives will never be the same again and Camping does not even care about that. He is sitting on $72 million dollars right now with a smug smile on his face.

In the middle of all this, there is news emerging that other Christian and Christian Evangelical churches are handing out pamphlets and on the process of recruiting the people who are now leaving Camping’s Church. It never stops, its like a vicious cycle. The people who got scammed already lost everything, but now are being recruited into possible new scams by new people. All I can say is this “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!!” and besides if the world does not end on 21st October now at least we can look forward for the Mayan end of the world in 2012!! I am glad now we got until October, I get to watch Transformers 3!!

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