Shankar Tucker And The Iyer Sisters…..An Amazing Cauldron Of Artists!!

I was pondering at the death of music, what with Bieber, lil miss Black, Lady Gaga, etc. I thought a stake was driven through the heart of music and laid to eternal rest. Then out of no where, two amazing artists gave me hope. One of them being Adele of course, her powerful and magnificent voice and talent just drew me to her like flies to unwashed gym socks (in a good way). I shall talk about Adele later, she deserves a whole post to herself ūüôā . Now the other artist who really brought back my spirit and lifted my optimism on music was the artist Shankar Tucker.

Shankar Tucker is a remarkable clarinet player and a music composer. His infusion of Indian music with Western is like pouring honey into one’s ears. It’s just pure magic. He¬†meddles¬†with the concepts of music which other¬†musicians¬†rarely tickle or consider taboo, and weaves it into a hypnotic trance he sets his¬†listeners¬†into, a music induced coma (again in a good way). There is a reason why many musicians avoid his track of music, as it’s quite difficult and not every musician can pull it off, but Tucker seems to be thriving in it. I have listened to musicians like A. R. Rahman and Harris Jayaraj, who have also, like Tucker, meddled with the common ordinaries and turned them into something extra-ordinary and I would have to say that Tucker is soon becoming, if he already has not, in the ranks and caliber of these¬†maestros¬†for the fusion of Western and Indian music.

His cover of A. R. Rahman’s song Munbe Vaa, was so amazingly beautiful to listen to that it put to rest my conception that the song could not get any better when I heard the original composition by A. R. Rahman. Tucker’s cover of the song just absorbs you into the song and stirs emotions within one’s self that you thought was never possible. The other side of the song is the vocal talents of the Iyer sisters, Vidya and Vandana, who provide¬†their¬†formidable vocal skills for the song. Their¬†voices¬†amalgamate ever so perfectly with Tucker’s musical skills to produce a rare gem of pure, raw talent. The sisters have an amazing voice that they have put to very good use in the song and with time to season and mature,¬†their¬†voices will become a valuable asset to the musical community in the near future. I wish them both the very best for their¬†amazing futures ahead.


The cover of Munbe Vaa is not the only song that Tucker had used the Iyer sisters in. In another remarkable composition called Nee Nenaindal, Tucker has again harnessed the vocal skills of the Iyer sisters to the pinnacle of music. While listening to it, you feel like Tucker casts a spell on you and Vidya and Vandana mesmerize you with their voices and you got no choice but to fall into the abyss of pure musical bliss just spell-bound. The song is available to download from Tuckers iTunes here. He has also composed another song called Ashai Mugam with only Viya Iyer, but which is still just as amazing. Sadly the cover song of Munbe Vaa can only be listened and viewed at youtube and is not available for purchase.


I wish the very best for all three of these artists and I really do hope that they continue to work hard and also continue to work with each other as a combination with sync of this magnitude is quite rare to come across. All the very best for Tucker and I wish he lets his imagination run wild and deliver more of his master pieces and both the Iyer sisters to garner their voices to the their best and more.

Long Live Music!! (until Gaga kills it)


Shankar Tucker’s Official Website :¬†

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And here is an article The Hindu paper in India wrote about him, thought you guys might like to read it:





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