The New Thundercats Cartoon…..Mmmmeeeehhhhhh!!!


I grew with the original Thundercats when I was small. Coming home from school and sitting in front of the telly in the evening while my mum was screaming at the top of her voice to go finish my homework, but I don’t even flinch a muscle till I finished watching the episode. Now when I come to think of it, the cartoon was pretty kinky; what with Lion-O, Jaga, Pantharo and Tygra all wearing skin tight stuff that looks like it was made of latex. Still, me being young and all, I never even missed one episode of Lion-O kicking Mumm-Ra’s ass!!

Recently I came across the news that cartoon is gonna be reincarnated by Cartoon Network. I was really excited at first, but then I ended up seeing the promotional videos, trailers and the pictures and all I could say was NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! They destroyed it by making it into an anime style animation. The animation integrity was also really poor. The whole thing looked like an epic fail.

People who grew up with the original Thundercats are going to be disappointed in the lack of the essence of Thundercats, from what I can see of the promotional videos, it looks like the story takes place when the Thundercats were younger, hence will Snarf be there?? And I really don’t think Thundercats is a animation that should be done in the anime style. Really disappointed. Cheetara looks like a skank who was pulled out of a whore house with liver spots on her head!!

Kids who are going to be introduced to Thundercats now, will be just equating the cartoon to all the other anime that is out there and hence, this new version of Thundercats might to garner the momentum the original series did.

All I can say that, this was a bad revival of a cartoon which was an epitome of my childhood era and for many more out there. The new series looks like its going to place itself into the generic era of anime cartoons that is currently running around in the animation business and just another money making scheme by the co-operate backbone to get kids these days to buy plastic Swords of Omens and Panthro’s special nunchakus. When I was small and Pokemon came out, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have needed to buy trading cards to make the cartoon experience more entertaining, or I don’t think I would have needed to buy Beyblades to feel the story. No in my era of cartoons, the story had the power enough to capture the hearts and minds of kids instead of trying to make us buy material empathize with the story, the power of the story and animation was such that, without all these extra accessories kids these days buy, we still felt part of the story.



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  1. The new series is only 7 episodes in, and I believe that it’s already superior than the first series. Just check it out. It gets better every episode.

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