Samsung Finally Rolls Out Gingerbread (2.3.3) For The Rogers Captivate (Canadian Variation Of Galaxy S) In Canada!! Where is AT&T’s?

It has come to my attention that Samsung has finally rolled out it’s gingerbread update for the Rogers Captivate in Canada. Bell released its update for the Vibrant a long time ago and many customers were wondering when Rogers was going to follow suite, and it’s been almost a month and finally, the update for the Captivate is finally out!! Customers shall rejoice 🙂

The availability of the update is not mentioned on the Roger’s website or on the Canadian Samsung website, but the update can be obtained by plugging your phone to the Kies Software (the official Samsung software for its current phones) through your computer.

The Kies software can be obtained here.

Now one has to wonder what AT&T is doing with its update in the US for the it’s captivate model? Its been ages and the promised update is still not out. Usually is AT&T that releases an update first and Rogers follow suit, but its been the other way around in the case of good ole’ Ginggy!! Why the delay? Have the people not been pushing the network hard enough to deliver it sooner? But how can that be? Blogs and threads have been buzzing with requests from people all over for AT&T to start rolling out the update….then why you ask is AT&T holding out?? well its simply because of lack of competition. AT&T’s and Verizon are the two biggest players in the market and that’s pretty much it. Rogers had to bring its up-game as soon as Bell, Telus and Virgin mobile started rolling out gingerbread updates.

I guess its all cooperate bull shit at the end of the day, as consumers we should at least demand what we deserve I guess!!

Oh and a word of caution, from the reports I read, the new Ginnngy cannot be rooted by any means that’s available at the moment! even Gingerbreak, has been patched (hmmm maybe that’s why there was a delay in the release of the update), so if you update, remember you will loose your root!!

Will a 120 volt playstation 3 work on a 230 volt outlet? Or will a 230 volt playstation 3 work on a 120 volt outlet? The answer will surprise you!!

Many people have the question if their 120 volt Playstation 3 will work if they plug it into a 230 volt outlet in another country, or will it lay a fart and fry. Some other people have the question whether their 230 volt Playstation 3 will work if they plug it into a 120 volt outlet, or will it just sit there like a brick. Many people consider buying a transformer, or a voltage converter. Even I was considering this when I was planning to take my PS3 slim from one country to another, I checked the internet and couldn’t come up with a good reliable answer, so I was curious so I opened up my PS3 to check the innards (an open chassis surgery so to speak).

Well will the PS3 survive the voltage changes? Well folks it looks like the PS3 supports UNIVERSAL POWER INPUT….that’s right, you can plug your PS3 from any country (that is of any voltage) to a power outlet in another country with any voltage, and the PS3 will not fall flat and die.

This is what was shown on the outside label of my PS3 from North America:

but when I cracked her open and checked the power unit on the inside, this is what it said:

Notice the outside label says to plug in only 120 volts, but the power unit on the inside notes that the unit can handle voltages between 100-240 volts.

Yeap, most modern electronics come with universal power input these says, as its much easier and cost effective for manufactures to make one product and labeling it different than making two varieties of the same product. Due to certain laws in certain countries and other mumbo jumbo, they are required to label the product as the power output of that country, even though the machine will accept universal input.

Again I dont know if this rule of thumb for the power supply will apply for the first generation PS3 (the fat one), my PS3 was the slim kind and this is what I found on the inside.