Herb & Butter Mushroom Toast!! Yum..yum!!

Alrighty ladies, gentlemen and er….anybody/anything else that’s reading my post, today I am going to show you how I make my Mushroom Toast! It’s fast, easy, filling and 100% veggie 🙂 Awesome for students while you are studying for an exam and have the hunger calls and you cant waste a lot of time but also want a good cooked meal.

Before I dive into the recipe, I need to give out some pointers:

  • Use a really big pan, the pan should be big enough to hold all the mushrooms you are cooking in ample space. People usually end up stuffing their pans, and the mush room starts to get steam, instead of stir fried, and starts to sweat and ends up becoming soggy mush!
  • The pan should also be big enough so that nearing the end, while the mushrooms are cooking on one side, there should be enough space on the pan to place the slices of bread to toast on the pan.
  • The amount of mushrooms used and the sizes of the bread slice should be appropriate to the pan size (er…I had a small pan and I had soooooo much of trouble….come on…I am a student in a rented room with a tiny common kitchen, I would have used a bigger pan if I could, anyway, follow my recipe step by step and it will be fine)

Now on to the recipe my young ones…..


  • 2 Cups Mushrooms (I used crimini mushrooms, but you can use any mushrooms you want, but try to go for the ones that are firm and fleshy like button, crimini, shiitake, portabello and porcini. Try to avoid other varieties, especially oyster mushrooms, they tend to wilt and get soggy)
  • Red Onion, 1/2 a cup if you don’t like onions much, 1 cup if you LOVE them like me! sliced very thin and cut into half rings (you can use any type of onion but I guess its a Sri Lankan thing to use as much red onions as humanly possible, besides it adds a nice splash of color to the recipe and gives it that nice sweet/strong flavor that you don’t get with either yellow or white onions)
  • 5 Big Cloves Of Garlic chopped into tiny pieces. Try to find the biggest cloves in the garlic.
  • A Tiny Wedge Of Lemon, enough for about 15 drops.
  • 3 Basil Leaves, 4 Stalks of Thyme and 1 Rosemary (thyme and basil are like a match made in haven for mushrooms, especially thyme. Sadly, my grocery store was not carrying thyme or rosemary, so I made mine with only basil but added more of it since I didn’t have any other herb. When you guys make it you can use one of the herbs, or a combination of any 2 of the herbs that you like, or use all 3. I would really recommend thyme though for this recipe, its like magical unicorn farts for mushroom…meant it in a good way. The herbs are really important in this recipe as they are the main characters that add the soul to the recipe. If you couldn’t find any of these herbs then STOP RIGHT HERE….don’t do the recipe)
  • Crushed Chilli/Red Pepper Flakes 1/4 teaspoon to add a bit of zing (optional)
  • Pepper 2 teaspoon or as much as you like
  • Salt 1 teaspoon, might sound like little but later when you taste it and you think its not enough, add more. You can always add more salt, but if you put too much then your screwed, so start with a bit and later add more if needed 🙂
  • Butter 1/2 cup, if you like more butter add another 1/4 cup to this, like what I did (yes….I am going to die a slow, artery filled death)
  • Olive Oil 1/2 cup
  • Two slices of good, fresh bread (try to get fresh french bread from the bakery)


  • Keep a pan on high heat and toast the bread until the bread gets a tinge of brown color and the sides are crunch and toasty, make sure both sides are like this by flipping it half way through.
  • Keep the bread aside and let it cool.

  • Now keep the pan again and lower the heat to a medium and let the pan heat up.
  • Add the olive oil and let the oil heat up well.
  • As soon as the oil is nice and hot, add the mushrooms.

  • keep stirring and let them fry for about a minute.
  • Now add the garlic and fry for another minute.
  • Add in the onions and keep stirring.
  • While stirring the onion, add the pepper, salt and crushed chilli/red pepper flakes.
  • Cook for another 1 minute.
  • Add the butter in now and keep stirring, when the butter melts completely, add about 12 to 15 drops of lemon (yes it makes a big difference on the flavor).

  • Stir for a good minute and then add in the herbs. The herbs should be added last as we don’t wont them to get cooked completely but still give out their oils and flavors to the dish, we don’t want the herbs to lose color.

  • After about 40 seconds, push the mushrooms stir fry to a side of the pan and place the slices of toast bread on the other side of the pan and let it heat up (now you udnerstand why I wanted you guys to use a big pan :] )
  • When the toast gets warm, not hot, remove the toasts and place them on a plate.
  • Give the stir fry one last stir to make sure all the flavors of the herbs are mixed in well.
  • Remove the mushrooms from the heat and pour it over the dry toast.
  • We didnt use any fat or oils while make the toast and made it compltely dry becasue when you pour the mushroom over the toast, the toast will absorb the butter and oils in the stir fry and become nice and moist and juicy when you bite into it, so you only need to dry toast the bread slices.
  • Now serve while hot and make an awesome face when people compliment you on how awesome it tastes.

That’s it guys, now I really better get back to studying….exams in a week!! aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! May the power of the spoon be with you!! Good luck trying it!!

P.S: The final photographs of the toast looks crappy cause I didn’t have much light in my kitchen, but believe me they are much more colorful and vibrant than pictured!