Down Goes The Chief Justice With Democracy And All!!

A dire day in Sri Lanka. Mahinda Rajapaksa, together with his circus of morons in the parliament have impeached the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake.  When I heard the news my heart just sank but I was not surprised, since whatever the Rajapksa brothers want, they get! This impeachment motion is just another rung in the ladder up for the never quenching thirst for power that Rajapaksa so dearly sought after. When the impeachment motion is signed in by Mahinda (and it will) the judicial system in Sri Lanka, the final place of reconcile for its people, will be gone. Hence forth will be the full out right rule of Rajapaksa. No one will be able to question him and disagree with him, whatever him and his band of bothers decide to do, they can and they don’t have to answer to anybody. The people have lost their voice. I have always though that democracy was long dead and that we were just a facade of pseudo democracy to please the international community, to pacify them; but this is a blatant route to anarchy and dictatorship and still we, the people of Sri Lanka, keep our mouths shut and let the Rajapaksa clan kick us around. Honestly do we have no self respect? have we no self determination? I guess its more to do with the mind set of the Sri Lankan people. All that the Rajapaksa brothers have to do is go on stage and say its anti-patriotic if we don’t think on their demented mind set, or the other same horse they have been riding on since the end of the war about 4 years ago, all they have to say is “THE LTTE IS BEHIND THIS” and most people in Sri Lanka have their panties riding up their asses. Honestly after listening to the same cock and bull for the past 4 years one would think the people would have wizened up by now, but no, not Sri Lankans. Its sad but its a common trait with all dictators, in how they have a way of mesmerizing people into their way of thought even if their way of thought is curdled up even more than a septic tank (Hitler anyone? he manipulated most of the German population to think along his demented ideas).

With the collapse of the judicial system, the final wall between the people and the government is demolished, leaving the people bare to be abused and taken advantage of by the government. Rajapaksa and family now hold the treasury, defense wings and now finally the judiciary in their power and they can use them as a marionette anytime they want to do whatever their bidding maybe and the people are powerless to stop it. The media has already been stifled to silence by the Rajapaksa government and his pet rabid mongrel Mervyn Silva. The people just curse under thier breaths but accept the tyranny. What I don’t understand is, how can we just accept the tyranny?? Are we such pathetic beings that we need to give up our human rights and our freedoms, so that politicians and their families can live such comfortable lives? Where is the voice of the common man?…….Oh yea the common man was found right here celebrating the death of democracy for a bottle of kassipu and a packet of rice not even knowing what they were protesting and celebrating about and the consequences of it! The government did the usual trick to fool everyone, get truck loads of people from the rural areas promising them money, food and liquor to come for a day into the capital to celebrate the impeachment of the Chief Justice and to show that they support the president on this decision to drive a stake through the heart of the blindfolded lady justice. If half of these morons actually understood what they were being duped into, they would be slinging mud at Rajapaksa! And since the regime has the entire media infrastructure in the country to only preach what they want people to hear, the truth never comes out and the people are always misinformed. If any media outlet dares to speak the truth, out comes the rabid mervyn and crew, with gun ablazing to silence them down. Where is the media freedom? Isn’t a free, well functioning press the epitome of a democracy?

There seems to be a great divide between the educated and people of the rural region, instead of educating them of the way of the world, the government exploits such people to further its own ends. Mind you its not like all the educated think straight, I know some educated fools who still try to rationalize stupidity even though they know its stupid. they can see all around them that democracy is decaying and dying but they still would rather turn a blind eye to it than accept it as the alternative is too tiring or risky for their lives! Is this the Sri Lanka that is remaining? We keep rambling on at anyone who will lend an ear as to how beautiful and amazing our country is and how there are so many hidden adventures for people to explore but is this the reality we are facing now? I usually tell anyone who asks about Sri Lanka from me that it is a beautiful and amazing country, with so much to see and do but its being ruined by bad politics! I stand by it. Sri Lanka is just AMAZING but the politics that’s going on in our country right now is just stabbing at our beautiful country and letting her bleed alive. We, the people let this happen! During each of Rajapaksas incremental seize for power we just stood back and let him! When he  infused controversial amendments into the constitution, we just sat back, whined and let him do it. When he kept increasing taxes under bogus new schemes, we whined and paid them. When he killed or subdued anyone who opposed him (the assassination of Lasantha Wickrematunge, the arrest of Sarath Fonseka and the stifling of the press by threats and intimidation) we just let them get away with it even though we knew the Rajapaksa family, together with the band of murderers he covers under his sarong (Mervyn and the fellow animal folk), were responsible. When Rajapaksa started conscripting family members into the government and giving them posts, not only did the family members did not deserve the posts, they also did know how to handle it and also abused it, and when Rajapaksa just started dishing out more power to these morons, we, the people, just stood back with our arms folded and nodded our heads and let it happen even though we knew autocracy will always be a stepping stone to dictatorship. When Rajapaksa started selling our country out little by little to the Chinese, first slowly, and now at an increasing and open affair, we just thought of the short term benefits and not think about the long term hole we were digging ourselves into. We have quite literally sold our soul to the Chinese.

We did not voice out! We never do! That is the advantage of the politicians in Sri Lanka. The know exactly how and when to manipulate us. We forget about everything that has been done and the amount of times we were used as mere pawns so that the President and his merry lot can live a luxurious life and a life of excesses at our expense. The rise of bad men into power is because of the silence of good men! That’s exactly what is happening in the country right now! Are we that gullible? Are we that stupid? Are we that repugnant? Is this what the people power of Sri Lanka is? I mean if politicians can open our mouths and pour manure into it day after day after day, and we just gobble it up and ask for more. Where is our self respect? When will be the time we spit the manure back at their faces and make them gobble it up! WE HAVE THE POWER…..WHY THE BANANA DON’T WE USE IT? The opposition is a worthless assembly of spineless jellyfish. They should voice concerns and retort on behalf of the people, but they don’t. The system is falling apart and very soon we, the people, will be paying the price.
By that time, the Rajapaksa family will have looted all our money and taken asylum in some other country with enough money for generations of thier families to live a luxurious lives, while we will be striving to make ends meet. This is not the Sri Lanka that I, or any single person who loves Sri Lanka, envisoned for her. I want my country to prosper and rejuvinate after all these years, not to be ravaged and exploited by mongorls who stride with power in their hands. The people put the power in their hands, and we the people have the power to take it way. The times of fidgeting with our fingers while our democracy and rights gets stripped away from us should stop. We are heading a totalitarian dictatorship which will culminate in no good outcome for the people. Its now or never. We should ask the people we elected into power the necessary questions and not be ok when they refuse to answer us, they are obliged to answer to us, we are the people!

The sacking of the Chief Justice is the last nail in the coffin of Sri Lankan democracy, any fool who doesn’t see that and any fool who does not acknowledge that, is a fool that let our beautiful country get defiled by selfish and ruthless politicians and helped our country sink into the deep, dark clenches of dictatorship. History shows how democracies turmoil into dictatorships, and Sri Lanka is showing all the signs. The international community will not do much to help, as they have their own agendas with Sri Lanka and they have too much red tape to cut through. Its time for the people to stand up and identify as the true owners of the country, not the politicians (they are just paid workers we have entrusted to run the country PROPERLY, in retrospect the people are the employers and the politicians are the employees. If an employee or employees are not working efficiently or we know they are abusing their position, as the employer we have the power to  relive them off their duties and find a better replacement). WE NEED TO VOICE OUT!!

I sincerly hope that Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake will ignore her dissmisal by Rajapaksa and contiune her work, honuring the motion put forward by teh Supreme Court that she can carry on with her work. She should answer to the law, not Rajapaksa. No matter what Rajapaksa thinks, he is not above the law. He is a common man employed by the people to do a job, and his job description does not constitute to be God. I hope the members of the judicial system, including all international lawyers condemn this impeachment and show Rajapaksa where he should stand. I hope the Sri Lankan Judaical system will not recognize any new Chief Justice who will be appointed by the government to be the puppet of Rajapaksa. All I can say is STAY STRONG Dr. SHIRANI BANDARANAYKE!! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!

P.S: 3 of my friends who read this article agreed with what was written but also advised me against publishing it as they were afraid for my well being, so of course I am going to publish it. I have already gotten a few hate mail and flack for my previous articles on the Rajapaksa regime but all I can say is “mmeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh”.  Some one has to voice out in some way.

Is Fonseka Being Framed For Lasantha’s Murder? New Update On Lasantha’s Murder Trial!!

In an interesting twist of fate, I recently read some news that actually made me feel like that there is still some bravery left in the human soul.

A former army intelligence officer has stepped forward to the Mount Lavinia magistrate and told the magistrate that under the instruction of the OIC (Officer in charge) of the TID (Terrorist investigations department), he was asked to claim that a top army official was responsible for the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunge. It doesn’t take a genius to put together that of course this high ranking official in the army is none other than Sarath Fonseka, and the person who invoked the underhand scheme is none other than Rajapaksa and Gotha (Goat-a) in their smear campaign against Fonseka as soon as they found out that he was going to be a contender in the presidential election. Furthermore, the intelligence officer also said that he was also instructed to report that the same “top ranking army official” was responsible for the assault on two journalists. In return for his false reports and claims, the army intelligence officer (ironic….he is an intelligence officer, but I really doubt if he has any intelligence to go and agree to something like this) was promised an opportunity to go overseas, and security and protection for his house in Sri Lanka.

I have no idea why the intelligence officer has come forward now, maybe Raja-poopoo and Goat-a didn’t keep their promises or maybe he had a guilty conscious or maybe he started springing tentacles out of his butt, all I know is, considering the current hostile anti-democratic clamp down by the government that is going on in Sri Lanka, the intelligence officer had to be really really brave to step forward with this crucial information. Hats off to this man for his bravery but also he should be slapped across the face for letting himself become grasped into hands of greed; but then again if this man hadn’t done it, the government would have gotten someone else to do it and gotten rid of him just as a safety measure, and the new man that they might have hired to do the dirty work might not have come forth like this officer did and we would never have known about any of this, so I guess it did happen for a reason.

What ever said and done at the end of the day, a passionate journalist lost his life in order to revel the truth and corruption that the current government is engaging in. Lasantha was the man who questioned Chandrika Kumaratunga about her education qualifications from Sorbonne Universirty, and Chandrika responded that she was a graduate from Sorbonne. Lasantha was the journalist who investigated these claims and inquired from Sorbonne if Chandrika ever attended Sorbonne and the university proclaimed, no such student ever attended Sorbonne. When Lasantha sent a letter to Chandrika confronting her with his findings, a letter came back from her office stating that “a letter to Her Excellency the President is only forwarded to her when it is sent from a human being and not an insect like you”. Lasantha, of course not intimidated, published with evidence all his findings on his news paper, and two weeks later, armed men stormed the Sunday Leader premises held the employees at gun point and set fire to the printing equipment. This was not the last time that the Sunday Leader premises was torched, it did happen quite often later too.

[The Chandrika & Sorbonne Story]

This was just one example of bravery, from this exceptional man. The muzzle that has been put on the media by the Rajapaksa regime after Lasantha’s demise is so strong that its put an effective choke hold on all truth considering the current regime. No one was more happier to see Lasantha murdered than Goat-a, whose only goal was to see the shutting down of the Sunday Leader publication and he has, in fact, made sure this will happen by the 2 billion rupees defamatory charges won against Lasantha at the Mount Lavania courts. Having the courts, the chief justice and all other entities, that can tarnish their current grip on the state, under their control, the Rajapaksa brothers seem to be an God like feeling of euphoria.

The army intelligence officer in question, is currently held in remand custody until the 26th of May, more than enough time for the government goons to “take care” of him. I just hope that the truth, at least for once, comes to light and the people responsible are apprehended and justice will be served.

Sri Lankan’s take on Libya…..Do they really know what’s going on?

It was interesting how the Rajapaksa regime reacted to the current situation in Libya. I have been following the ties between Libya and Sri Lanka for sometime now, namely from April 2009 when Rajapaksa visited Libya.

In his visit to Libya it was reported that Rajapaksa accumulated a deal of $500 million from the Libyan government for the development of Sri Lanka, and we all know where the most amount of money that comes as aide to our country ends up in.

Its interesting the people Rajapaksa holds hands with. Gaddafi is and eccentric and paranoid ruler. His law of execution of any one who forms a political party reflects that of Mahinda I guess (hint hint Fonseka). While Gaddafi is a profound in the English language, he removed all foreign languages from school curriculum, seeming more like a hypocrite than what not. Libya is also country that is under a lot of media censorship according to the Freedom of Press index, another similarity between the Rajapaksa regime and the Gaddafi regime. Every time there was a time of turmoil or Gaddafi feared for the stability of his government, he readily sponsored state violence and high profile assassinations to quench any protests against him no matter how bloody it got or the death toll it accumulated. Again is it just me or is Libya seeming more and more like Sri Lanka?? Gaddafi is also a person who goes to any extent to get his hands of nuclear and chemical weapons. He tried and failed twice to acquire nuclear weapons from both China and Pakistan. The Chemical Weapons Convention has verified that Libya has a stockpile of over 20 metric tonnes of mustard gas and other toxic chemical agents of weapons grade in its arsenal. Maybe this is why Rajapaksa is soooooo eager to get into bed with Gaddafi, maybe Rajapaksa’s hunger for power and the accumulation of nuclear and chemical weapons is fueling this taboo relationship with Gaddafi. Gaddafi was also responsible for the ordering of many international assassinations and plots that led to the ultimate demise of his public opinion internationally, one of the most famous of those plots was the Pan Am Flight 103 bomb that killed 259 people.

Gaddafi is also famous for his many paranoia that can even put Charlie Sheen to shame , even when he was having plastic surgery done, he wanted only local anesthetic to be applied as he wanted to be vigilant if someone was gonna snuff him while he was under the blade,

Something else that is totally off topic is The Revolutionary Nuns (also called the Amazonian Guard), this is the elite all female bodyguards who are employed by Gaddafi to protect him and hand picked by him. One of the requirements to join the guards is to be a virgin….hmmmmmm interesting.

So why does the Rajapaksa government want to entice such a prolific relationship with a broken leader of a country who carries out such atrocities and crimes? A very good question indeed. The people should be asking these questions, instead the people of Sri Lanka woefully just glance at the propaganda spewing, brainwashing media of the state owned ITN and Rupavahini news, which is just the mouth/ass piece of the government. Media outlets like these should be ashamed of themselves for spoon feeding the masses of pure bull shit.

Instead of supporting the move by the UN and collation and of course the rebel fighters in Libya, I hear news that Rajapaksa wants to give asylum to Gaddafi in Sri Lanka and I see pictures like the one below.

Idiots brought in by the government to act like asses on the streets and give Sri Lanka a bad name in the international community for a few rupees, a lunch packet and some alcohol. The people in Sri Lanka are subjected to soooooo much state sponsored propaganda, that the Rajapaksas just have them all wound around their fingers. It is like they will gobble up Rajapaksa’s piss if he goes on the media and stays its a drink from the fountain of youth. The uneducated acting like this is understandable and all they need is proper guidance and two see both sides of a story to take a better decision, but its sad to see even the educated in Sri Lanka acting like fools and choose to ignore the other side and blindly fall through with what they are fed by media in Sri Lanka.

The NATO forces and the collation are just enforcing a system where civilian casualties are kept to a minimum. The out cry in put forward by the government in Sri Lanka is that these measures are actually killing civilians, well then the government didn’t seem to have an itch in their pants when they attacked civilians during the final few months of the war. Oh yes…pretty sure by the Sri Lankan temporary amnesia would have kicked in and everybody would have forgotten about that. The government is just being hypocritical and manipulative of the people and they are just swaying according to the Rajapaksa’s whim.

One should also know that the current uprising in Libya didn’t just happen all of a sudden or by magic. People in Libya are not happy with Gaddafi’s government, they have not happy with it for years but every time an opposition gained momentum, Gaddafi suppressed it with pure violence and intimidation. The collation or the UN did not start this, they did not provoke it they are just preventing the lives that will be lost if Gaddafi tries to quench this massive uprising. Pro-Mahinda supporters are saying (so is that other educated fool G.L. Peiris) that it is Libya’s internal affairs and that the UN should not interfere, well right back at Sri Lankans, if the people in Libya feel that they need to oust their current dictatorship and establish a proper rule for themselves let them go ahead and fight for it with whom ever they seek help from. The rebels use the attacks on Libyan military targets by the collation for their advantage, why shouldn’t they when Gaddafi hires mercenaries from other countries to go on killing sprees across the streets from Africa?

Have any one of you heard about the lady Iman Al-Obeidi who was raped by Libyan government troops at a checkpoint just because she was from the rebel-held city of Benghazi. The lady ran into the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, where most of the foreign journalist were lodging and started telling them about how she arrested in a checkpoint near Tripoli because she was from Benghazi, and detained for two days. While in detention, she was raped by 15 Libyan government troops.She had bruises and cuts on her face and body and she showed them to the reporters and also pleaded the reporters to make it public as her friends were still held in captivity. While she was talking, government forces entered the hotel and tried to silence her and drag her out of the hotel and in the scuffle that followed the government authorities and the government security forces smashed a CNN camera, threatened the Sky News team with a gun, and seized a device a Financial Times reporter had used to record Obeidi’s words. They closed Iman Al-Obeidi mouth and stuffed her into a car and took her to an undisclosed location. No one has seen Iman Al-Obeidi after that. This is not some well spun hoax but true. Pretty sure incidents like these were never reported on either ITN or Rupavahini, hence the people in Sri Lanka are oblivious to it.


So again why does the Sri Lankan goverment support such a blood thirsty and scandal ridden Libyan regime? Well the Sri Lanakan regimn is bloody thirsty and scandalous too, but then one needs to ask what about Sri Lankan civillians? where have your freedom of thought gone? why cant you make a sensible judgement on your own without being dictated to?

Its a sad instance for Sri Lanka, but if the people don’t notice what the Rajapaksa government is doing to them, they will pretty soon end up being run by Rajapaksa, a power hungry, self proclaimed ruler with a Gaddafi-complex, for years to come.