Fish Cutlets Recipe – Sri Lankan Style ;)

Alrighty decided to share some of my…ermm….formidable cooking skills (yes I am being sarcastic)!! anyway I am just gonna tell you how I make it and modifying it anyway you like and making it better or worse with your own skills is upto you, this is just how I do it and I am sure there might be some mistakes in it, but who cares, it tastes good at the end hahahahahahahaha!!


1) 1 tin of fish, about 250 grams (recommend sardine or mackerel but can use tuna from the store too, you can even use fresh cooked fish).

2) About 3 medium sized potatoes.

3) 3 green chillies (or hot peppers as they call it here).

4) 2 big yellow onions (even polka dotted is ok as long as its freakin onions).

5) 4 cloves of garlic.

6) 1 teaspoon mustard seeds.

7) 1 teaspoon cumin seeds.

8.) 2 1/2 teaspoon pepper (or as much as you want).

9) 1/2 teaspoon red chili powder (paprika powder for the folk here).

10) 1/4 teaspoon dried red chilli pieces.

11) salt to taste.

12) 2 eggs.

13) bread crumbs.

14) oil to fry.


If you are using tin fish, drain all the water out of the can (if there is water in the cutlet from the fish, then the cutlet becomes too moist and soggy later and it will start to smell badly big time), and remove all the bones and unsightly stuff. Then either using a spoon or your hand just pull it and tear it apart to tiny pieces. If you are using fresh fish, then boil the fish and do the same as the tin fish, remove the bones and skin and other nasty stuff and make tiny pieces of the fish.

Then take your potatoes and boil them till they are nicely soft and tender then smash it up and break the potatoes up (do not smash it to mush but rather into tiny pieces).

Chop up the onions, green chillies and garlic into tiny pieces. Make sure the onion and garlic is chopped well into tiny pieces.


Heat 3 tablespoons of oil in a pot or wok, on medium heat, and let the oil heat up. When the oil is nice and hot, add the mustard seeds and cumin seeds. When the mustard seeds start to pop and the cumin seeds start to split, add the chopped garlic and mix for about 2o seconds to flavor the oil. As soon as the garlic starts to change color, add the onions and salt (don’t put too much salt, if the amount of salt you put is too little its ok you can add salt later when you taste it but if you put too much then you are screwed so be careful, adding salt while the onion is cooking is a good time to add the salt for the dish as the salt helps to cook the onion faster by getting the moisture out of the onions). When the onions start to turn a light translucent and start to become a light shade of brown, add the green chillies and the fish. Stir the mixture for about a minute, then add the crushed potatoes. While mixing, add the pepper, red chilli powder and the dried chilli pieces. Keep stirring the mixture well till the mixture is all nice and even, taste to see if the amount of salt is to your satisfactory, if not add some salt and mix well. Remove the mixture from the heat.

Let the mixture cool for a bit so it can he handled easily when you make the cutlets. After the mixture cools down a bit, take a tiny amount onto your hand and roll it in between your palm and using your thumb into a ball (dont worry if the balls are not even….hahahahahha uneven balls hahahaha….blame the cutlets dont blame yourself đŸ˜‰ ) . Make different shapes if you want; balls, discs, shaped like cat poop, any shape you want actually, and pile it onto a plate.

After you shape the entire batch of mixture, prepare your breading station (its really like the battle station, messy and sort of annoying till you get the hang of it). Keep the shaped cutlet plate on one side, then a dish or container of the two eggs well beaten (needs to be beaten well cause we are using it as the egg wash) next to the cutlet plate and finally another plate filled with bread crumbs.

Now time for action, dip the shaped cutlets into the egg wash and coat it well, then put the egg washed cutlets on the bread crumb plate and cover it completely with bread crumbs. Make sure the entire cutlet is well coated, then move the bread crumbed cutlet onto a container and start on another cutlet. Bread all the cutlets. Its better if you roll the cutlets in the egg wash using one hand and then roll the egg washed cutlet in the bread crumbs with your other hand. If you use both hands for the egg wash and the bread crumbs then your fingers will become sticky with bread crumbs and egg and it makes you look like some sort of lady gaga hybrid and not to mention it gets frustrating as you try to pick up the un-breaded cutlets (experience thought me well young padawan)….and again blame the cutlets if they get misshaped during the process lol.

Alrighty now to the final step, add liberal amounts of oil to a saucepan, add enough oil so that your cutlets will be completely immersed in the oil cause we are going to deep fry and we need an even fry on all sides (if you have a deep fryer, even better you lucky bastard, you can use that). Keep the sauce pan in a medium heat, and let the oil heat up. When the oil is nice and hot (you can test if the oil is hot by sprinkling a little bread crumbs onto the oil, if the bread crumbs start to bubble and fizz then the oil is ready). Now add a few cutlets into the oil and fry them till a nice golden brown color is achieved (don’t over crowd the saucepan with cutlets, the cutlets wont cook properly then). After they are fried, remove from the oil and put it onto a container or plate lined with a paper napkin so that the excess oil gets absorbed by it.

That’s it, now go ring up your mum and tell her “MA….I MADE CUTLETS ALL BY MYSELF…NAAAANAAAANANA!!”…..wouldn’t hurt to tell your mum that you got your recipe from thebuddycollective either hahahahahahahaha!! cheers guys!! oh yea…you can serve the cutlets with any sauce you like…ketchup, hot sauce, bbq sauce, plum sauce, captain underpants sauce…..heck you can even use booger sauce hahahahahahahaha!!

Guardians of Magic – Amanda’s Awakening Walkthrough (Part 3)

Ok here it is guys, the final part of the walkthrough! I have been really busy with my exams so I am sorry for the late post.

78) From the Ritual Hall, enter the Fairy Woods painting.

79) Give the fairy on the tree the feather, sea shell and the coin.

80) The fairy will leave behind a package for you. Investigate the package.

81) Open the package up using the knife and pick up the fairy picture, the letter from grandpa, the blue print for the power drain machine and solve the puzzle box to get the 8th piece of the power drain machine.

82) Now head back to the house through the library and enter the room with the front door of the house, and click on the paintings on the left wall.

83) Attach the fairy painting on the frame.

84) This will open a secret opening in the wall with a puzzle box inside.

85) Solve the puzzle box and get the 9th piece of the power drain machine.

86) Now head all the way back to the Ritual Hall and enter the Magus Industries painting.

87) Click on the computer monitor and a picture of you will be taken.

88) Then click on the drawer near the computer and take an empty ID card.

89) Put the empty ID card into the printer and click on the print button on the monitor, and take your new ID card from the printer after its been printed.

90) Go to the staircase and enter the door on the left.

91) Then use the bubble blower machine to find the magical trail and follow the trail to the door on the far left.

92) Use the spark spell on the security drone to short circuit it and use the bubble blower machine again to follow the trail. Go to the door on the right.

93) Use the bubble blower machine again to find the trail and enter the door on the right.

94) Use the spark spell again on the security drone.

95) Use the bubble blower machine and go through the second door on the left.

96) Use the spark spell on the drone and enter the corridor on the left.

97) Go to the door and speak to Mera and she says that something is needed to pick the lock on the door.

98) Backtrack all the way to the main lobby where the computer monitor was and enter the elevator using your ID card.

99) After entering the elevator, click on the elevator control panel.

100) Click on the Offices floor (floor 5).

101) In the office you will find a broken puzzle box.

102) Click on the screen on the top left corner to get the instructions to make the corrosive gel.

103) Click on the lab table in the left corner.

104) Add the green, orange and red chemicals in the mentioned order from the test tube to the petri dish. When the right formula is met, the solution in the petri dish will turn a dark purple color that bubbles. When this happens, use the fire spell on the petri dish to heat the solution and activate it and turn it into the red corrosive gel. Pick the gel up and keep it.

105) Click on the safe on the right of the office.

106) Since you don’t know the code to open the safe, use the corrosive gel on the safe to open it.

107) Get the 10th and last piece of the Power Drain Machine and assemble the entire machine using the blueprint.

108) Enter the elevator and go to the Research Lab floor (floor 3).

109) Click on the monitor and find out that the Doctor is planning to build a massive robot.

110) Enter the elevator and go to the Storage floor (floor 1).

111) The room will be dark and you need to turn the generator on.

112) Get the fuel container from the left and pour the fuel in to the generator.

113) Then turn the power switch on.

114) Click on the boxes on the left to get a wire cutter.

115) Click on the boxes on the right and cut a piece of wire using the wire cutter from the spindle of wire.

116) Now go back all the way to Mera in her locked room.

117) Use the piece of wire on the door lock to set Mera free and she will give you your last spell, the freeze spell. You will be taken back to the storage floor.

118) Unlock the door by using the Power Drain Machine on the electronic lock and enter the hanger.

119) After the cut scene, use the freeze spell on the left and right arms of the robot and zap the drones, that come to melt the ice, with the the spark spell.

120) Use the freeze spell on the left and right leg joints of the robot.

121) When the robot falls and its head cracks open, use the Power Drain Machine on the crystal inside its head.

122) That’s it, the game is done đŸ˜‰

whewwwwww now that its done, time for some hot chocolate!! This is the end of the Amanda’s Awakening walkthrough!!

8-Year-Old gets pepper sprayed!

I thought I wont post anything on my blog till my exams were over but came across some interesting news so had to share it.

A 8 year old boy from Colorado, Aidan Elliott, got pepper sprayed by the police cause he was being an ass in school. According to the police report, Aidan got started  into his tantrum while on the school bus, and after he reached school, during breakfast, he went loco and started throwing chairs at his teachers. “He was being very aggressive, very violent,” said Melissa Reeves, the school district spokeswoman. Aidan Idiot then started to throw more chairs and a tv. Fearing for the safety of the other 8 students in the classroom, the teachers took the students into an office room and barricaded themselves with the students inside the office room. The idiot then tried to break the office door down with a cart to get to his fellow students and teachers inside the office. No one apparently could calm him down, not even the staff in a program for children with behavior problems like him. So they called police, who had intervened with Aidan twice before.

Continue reading “8-Year-Old gets pepper sprayed!”

Sri Lankan’s take on Libya…..Do they really know what’s going on?

It was interesting how the Rajapaksa regime reacted to the current situation in Libya. I have been following the ties between Libya and Sri Lanka for sometime now, namely from April 2009 when Rajapaksa visited Libya.

In his visit to Libya it was reported that Rajapaksa accumulated a deal of $500 million from the Libyan government for the development of Sri Lanka, and we all know where the most amount of money that comes as aide to our country ends up in.

Its interesting the people Rajapaksa holds hands with. Gaddafi is and eccentric and paranoid ruler. His law of execution of any one who forms a political party reflects that of Mahinda I guess (hint hint Fonseka). While Gaddafi is a profound in the English language, he removed all foreign languages from school curriculum, seeming more like a hypocrite than what not. Libya is also country that is under a lot of media censorship according to the Freedom of Press index, another similarity between the Rajapaksa regime and the Gaddafi regime. Every time there was a time of turmoil or Gaddafi feared for the stability of his government, he readily sponsored state violence and high profile assassinations to quench any protests against him no matter how bloody it got or the death toll it accumulated. Again is it just me or is Libya seeming more and more like Sri Lanka?? Gaddafi is also a person who goes to any extent to get his hands of nuclear and chemical weapons. He tried and failed twice to acquire nuclear weapons from both China and Pakistan. The Chemical Weapons Convention has verified that Libya has a stockpile of over 20 metric tonnes of mustard gas and other toxic chemical agents of weapons grade in its arsenal. Maybe this is why Rajapaksa is soooooo eager to get into bed with Gaddafi, maybe Rajapaksa’s hunger for power and the accumulation of nuclear and chemical weapons is fueling this taboo relationship with Gaddafi. Gaddafi was also responsible for the ordering of many international assassinations and plots that led to the ultimate demise of his public opinion internationally, one of the most famous of those plots was the Pan Am Flight 103 bomb that killed 259 people.

Gaddafi is also famous for his many paranoia that can even put Charlie Sheen to shame , even when he was having plastic surgery done, he wanted only local anesthetic to be applied as he wanted to be vigilant if someone was gonna snuff him while he was under the blade,

Something else that is totally off topic is The Revolutionary Nuns (also called the Amazonian Guard), this is the elite all female bodyguards who are employed by Gaddafi to protect him and hand picked by him. One of the requirements to join the guards is to be a virgin….hmmmmmm interesting.

So why does the Rajapaksa government want to entice such a prolific relationship with a broken leader of a country who carries out such atrocities and crimes? A very good question indeed. The people should be asking these questions, instead the people of Sri Lanka woefully just glance at the propaganda spewing, brainwashing media of the state owned ITN and Rupavahini news, which is just the mouth/ass piece of the government. Media outlets like these should be ashamed of themselves for spoon feeding the masses of pure bull shit.

Instead of supporting the move by the UN and collation and of course the rebel fighters in Libya, I hear news that Rajapaksa wants to give asylum to Gaddafi in Sri Lanka and I see pictures like the one below.

Idiots brought in by the government to act like asses on the streets and give Sri Lanka a bad name in the international community for a few rupees, a lunch packet and some alcohol. The people in Sri Lanka are subjected to soooooo much state sponsored propaganda, that the Rajapaksas just have them all wound around their fingers. It is like they will gobble up Rajapaksa’s piss if he goes on the media and stays its a drink from the fountain of youth. The uneducated acting like this is understandable and all they need is proper guidance and two see both sides of a story to take a better decision, but its sad to see even the educated in Sri Lanka acting like fools and choose to ignore the other side and blindly fall through with what they are fed by media in Sri Lanka.

The NATO forces and the collation are just enforcing a system where civilian casualties are kept to a minimum. The out cry in put forward by the government in Sri Lanka is that these measures are actually killing civilians, well then the government didn’t seem to have an itch in their pants when they attacked civilians during the final few months of the war. Oh yes…pretty sure by the Sri Lankan temporary amnesia would have kicked in and everybody would have forgotten about that. The government is just being hypocritical and manipulative of the people and they are just swaying according to the Rajapaksa’s whim.

One should also know that the current uprising in Libya didn’t just happen all of a sudden or by magic. People in Libya are not happy with Gaddafi’s government, they have not happy with it for years but every time an opposition gained momentum, Gaddafi suppressed it with pure violence and intimidation. The collation or the UN did not start this, they did not provoke it they are just preventing the lives that will be lost if Gaddafi tries to quench this massive uprising. Pro-Mahinda supporters are saying (so is that other educated fool G.L. Peiris) that it is Libya’s internal affairs and that the UN should not interfere, well right back at Sri Lankans, if the people in Libya feel that they need to oust their current dictatorship and establish a proper rule for themselves let them go ahead and fight for it with whom ever they seek help from. The rebels use the attacks on Libyan military targets by the collation for their advantage, why shouldn’t they when Gaddafi hires mercenaries from other countries to go on killing sprees across the streets from Africa?

Have any one of you heard about the lady Iman Al-Obeidi who was raped by Libyan government troops at a checkpoint just because she was from the rebel-held city of Benghazi. The lady ran into the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, where most of the foreign journalist were lodging and started telling them about how she arrested in a checkpoint near Tripoli because she was from Benghazi, and detained for two days. While in detention, she was raped by 15 Libyan government troops.She had bruises and cuts on her face and body and she showed them to the reporters and also pleaded the reporters to make it public as her friends were still held in captivity. While she was talking, government forces entered the hotel and tried to silence her and drag her out of the hotel and in the scuffle that followed the government authorities and the government security forces smashed a CNN camera, threatened the Sky News team with a gun, and seized a device a Financial Times reporter had used to record Obeidi’s words. They closed Iman Al-Obeidi mouth and stuffed her into a car and took her to an undisclosed location. No one has seen Iman Al-Obeidi after that. This is not some well spun hoax but true. Pretty sure incidents like these were never reported on either ITN or Rupavahini, hence the people in Sri Lanka are oblivious to it.


So again why does the Sri Lankan goverment support such a blood thirsty and scandal ridden Libyan regime? Well the Sri Lanakan regimn is bloody thirsty and scandalous too, but then one needs to ask what about Sri Lankan civillians? where have your freedom of thought gone? why cant you make a sensible judgement on your own without being dictated to?

Its a sad instance for Sri Lanka, but if the people don’t notice what the Rajapaksa government is doing to them, they will pretty soon end up being run by Rajapaksa, a power hungry, self proclaimed ruler with a Gaddafi-complex, for years to come.

Guardians of Magic – Amanda’s Awakening Walkthrough (Part 2)

And here you go, as promised, part 2 of the Guardians of Magic: Amanda’s Awakening Walkthrough. The last and final part 3 will be posted soon (exams are starting so a bit busy).


30) Go into the room on the right of the Ritual Hall.

31) Click on any of the paintings on the left wall.

32) Find the 6 differences on the paintings to open a secret hole in the wall behind the painting.

33) Get the fire spell and the “Delphinus” constellation from the opening behind the painting.

34) Open the puzzle box on the table, solve it (you have the match the weights) to get the 7th piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.

35) Head back to the Ritual Hall and click on the telescope in the middle of the room.

36) Enter the coordinates of each constellation according the map to find the constellations on the telescope. Use the left and right buttons for the x axis and the up and down buttons for the y axis. After finding the constellation, match the stars according to the map to unlock each respective painting.

37) Three paintings would have been unlocked: Stone Circle, Courtyard, and Fairy Woods. Don’t worry about the other painting right now they will be opened later.

38) Go into the Fairy Woods painting by using the transport spell.

39) Pick up the puzzle box and solve the puzzle (move the bar to the left brick until the meter below fills when the fairy dust, I assume, enters it), . You will find the 8th and last piece of the Bubble Machine. Assemble it.

40) Now that you have assembles the Bubble Machine completely, activate it by clicking it on the left corner.

41) When the magical rune in the right turns pink, pick it up. Then click on the fairy sitting on top of the tree.

42) Pick up the scroll she gives you and head back to the Ritual Room.

43) Transport yourself into the courtyard next. You will notice a puzzle box in the middle a brambly bush that you cannot retrieve, and a gate mechanism without gears. Walk to the right and go to the beach.

44) At the beach activate the bubble machine and collect the magical rune when it turns orange, then pick up the sea shell and click on the bottle on the beach to get the “Monocerus” constellation. You will also notice that under the coconut tree you have something to dig up that you cannot do till you get a shovel, leave it for now and go back to the Ritual Hall.

45) Use the transport spell to go into the Stone Circle painting.

46) Use the Bubble Machine to collect the green and yellow magical runes and click on the circular rock in the middle.

47) Place each of the magical runes in the middle.

48) Pick up the torn in the middle and it ends up being the “Scorpius” constellation. Go back to the Ritual Hall.

49) Enter both of the new constellations into the telescope.

50) This will open the Courtyard 1500 and Magus Lobby.

51) Use the transport spell to go into the Courtyard 1500 painting.

52) Pick up the 3 gears scattered around and the also pick up the shovel and the schematic for the castle security mechanism. Leave the painting and go to the Ritual Hall and then transport yourself to the Courtyard.

53) Go to the beach and use the shovel to dig under the coconut trees to find a puzzle box. Solve the puzzle box to get the 1st piece of the Power Drain Machine (PDM).

54) Leave the beach and go to the main courtyard, and click on the gear mechanism.

55) Put the gears in order.

56) Then use the fire spell on the furnace.

57) Click on the gate switch next to the gate to open it, and go up the stairs.

58) Light on the torches according to the security mechanism schematic, using the fire spell.

59) Before going into the room, solve the puzzle box on the floor under the torches to get the 2nd piece of the Power Drain Machine.

60) Now head on through the door into the room.

61) In the room, pick up the hedge clippers, the spark spell and the “Pegasus” constellation. Open the puzzle box and solve it to get the 3rd piece of the PDM. Now head back down the stairs to the main courtyard.

62) Use the hedge clipper to cut the branches around the puzzle box to free it.

63) Solve the puzzle box to get the 4th piece of the PDM, then head back to the Ritual Hall.


64) In the Ritual Hall, enter the Pegasus constellation into the telescope.

65) This will open the circus painting. Use the transport spell to go into the circus painting.

66) Click on the right corner and collect the gold game token.

67) Next go into the red tent.

68) Arrange the mirror so the laser light hits the target.

69) Solve the puzzle box on the floor before entering the door to get the 5th piece of the PDM. Then enter the door.

70) Solve the puzzle box in the room to get the 6th piece of the PDM, and leave the red tent.

71) Enter the green tent.

72) Click on the Whack Machine, and use the spark spell to start it.

73) Whack the gophers then the mechanical bug that flies until you destroy it and win the game. Collect the ticket that pops out at the top after winning the game.

74) Next click on the slot machine.

75) Pull down the lever and push the two buttons to stop at the Pegasus symbol (the horse with wings). Collect the ticket when you win it.

76) Click on the ticket machine and insert both the tickets in, then punch in B-1-3 to open the door to the puzzle box.

77) Open the puzzle box and solve it to get the 7th piece of the PDM. Then head back to the Ritual Hall.

Alright this is the end to the second part of my tutorial, the third and final one will be posted soon!!

Guardians of Magic – Amanda’s Awakening Walkthrough (Part 1)

Ello ello one and all, another day another er…..I am hungry. Okay, anyway I recently started playing Guardians of Magic – Amanda’s Awakening, and finished it but then sometimes I did get stuck in certain places and since I am such a kindhearted fellow, I decided to make a walk through for the game (that and there was no proper walk through on the internet)! The game is actually very short and very easy.

Anyway lets start, just click on “skip” for the beginning cinematic and move onto the game if you want to.

1. Collect the 3 small gears scattered around the garden and click on the well on the right.

2. Arrange the gears according to their size and click on the well crank to bring the bucket up.

3. Take the bulkhead key from the bucket and remember the symbols on the bucket wall.

4. Click on the buck head door on the left corner of the screen.

5. Use the key from the bucket on the lock and open the door.

6. Use the inscription from the bucket wall on the tumblers. When the right sequence is entered, the tumblers turn green. Then click the button next to the tumblers and the door will open to the basement.

7. When you walk down to the basement you will hear a knock on the front door, go back up to the garden and at the front door there will be a package, pick it up and bring it back down to the basement.

8. Place the package on the right table down in the basement and use the box cutter from the other table to cut open the box.

9. Inside the box you will find a letter from Amanda’s grandpa, blue print for the Bubble Machine and a puzzle box.

10. Solve the puzzle box to get the 1st part of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.


11. Leave the basement and go to the hallway.

12. After the robot at the door leaves, open the puzzle box near the door and solve it to get the 2nd piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.

13. Notice the 4 picture on the wall on the left. There will be one picture missing.

14. Walk to the living room on the left.

15. Collect the the crystal ball on the table on the right and Mera talks to you (just skip it if you want to).

16. There will be a puzzle box on the top of the shelf , solve it and find the 3rd piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.

17. Next pick up the empty pitcher on the table and go to the garden well and fill the pitcher up with water from the bucket and return back to the living room.

18. Pour the water into the kettle, turn the light switch on to give power to the kettle and then turn the kettle on. When the water boils, the steam escaping from the kettle will reveal the code to enter the library on the mirror.

19. Now open the dresser drawer under the kettle and obtain the “Corvus” constellation map from it.

20. Notice the inscription on the fireplace wall. You cannot enter the code until the fire is put out.

21. Go down to the basement again and click on the furnace, then bring the pressure to 10psi by turning the 2nd, 3rd and 5th knobs.

22. Return back up to the living room and check the inscription on the fireplace wall and click each symbol according to the sequence of code shown on the steamed up mirror. The secret door to the library opens up.

23. Go into the library, and collect the letter on the top of the books on the right table, collect the quill pen on the table and finally the spell book from the podium  (you will learn the transport spell).

24. Click on the shelf on the left and collect the small key and solve the puzzle box and obtain the 4th piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.

25. Go back to the living room and use the key to open the trunk on the left end of the screen.

26. Inside the trunk you will find the “Capricornus” constellation. There will also be a puzzle box, solve it and get the 5th piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it. Then head back to the library.

27. Use the transport spell on the picture on the wall of the library. Just trace your wand on the shape to use the spell.

28. Use the clue from the letter you got from the library table to open the spinning lock. The sun must be in the 1 o’clock position and the moon at the 7 o’clock position.

29. Enter the Ritual Hall. Click on the piece of paper on the bench at the left corner and solve the puzzle box inside and get the 6th piece of the Bubble Machine and assemble it.

Alright guys, I am done for the day. Part 2 of the tutorial will be coming in about 2 days time! check back and I’ll have it up (stop whining, I have to study too my exams are coming up and this takes some time to write and prepare)

Let Kate Middleton Be!!

Went on yahoo today and there blaring on their homepage I saw something that got me going WTF!

Apparently Kate Middleton (yes the soon to be princess) is losing too much weight and more than her parents and husband to be, the press seem to be worried! For crying out loud, let the girl be. Every girl out there wants to shine during their wedding, and just because Kate is going to become a princess does not make it any different. She is a girl and she wants to fit into her wedding dress without problems, if that’s not normal I honestly don’t know what is!

Of course the Associated Press (that’s where yahoo got the handful of crap from) had certain “experts” talk about it too (honestly don’t these experts have other things to do??….like a job!!). One of the so called experts was a “top” London wedding planner called Mark Niemierko. He said that Kate was naturally tall and skinny (i think he wanted to say slim and slender and not those er…..sort of insulting words), comparing her to her sister.

He also said “I think she looks perfect, but everyone has issues about their bodies and I’m sure she just wants to be very toned”, ok then may i point out what about girls who are not as slender as Kate, according to him they are not perfect (oopsie Mr. Mark, you might loose some of your everyday clients).

Then there was a nutritionist, Amanda Hamilton, who said “She’s already slim enough so I would have concerns over that” and she went on to say “Anyone would look at her picture and ask why does she have to lose weight. She looks fantastic. She’s on the very slim end of what would be considered healthy. She’s not in the danger zone, I don’t think … but she doesn’t have any weight to lose.”

Danger zone or not, she wants to look nice for the wedding and its her choice. This is between Kate and William, at the end of the day she needs to look nice for herself and her fellar, and I really think it is none of the public’s or the media’s problem!

Streaming movies to arrive in Facebook!

It has been reported that Warner Bros Studio is planning to stream some it’s movies to Facebook. This will be an very interesting development, as the procedure is to rent the movie to watch it.

Any user wanting to watch a movie can rent it from Facebook for 30 Facebook credits, which is approximately equal to $3, they then have 48 hours to watch the movie.

Warner Bros thinks it might be a new way for them to procure more profits, but is it? will people pay money to watch something only through their browser, especially when there are quite a lot of illegal sites on the internet that let you do the same thing
The facility will only be available in the US at the beginning and if the initial US test proves successful, the facility will be rolled out to other countries.for FREE, not to mention there is no 48 hour restraint. Warner Bros is the first studio to work with the social networking site to bring about this feature and it seems like a very bold move indeed.

The first of the movies Warner Bros Studio intends to stream is of course “Dark Knight”. A good choice I would agree!!

I think it is a bold step by movie studios to take this step forwards, instead unlike those greedy assoles in the Record labels. Cheap and fast legal movies is a good initiative. Warner Bros was smart in choosing Facebook too as they don’t need to gather customers as there is already almost 500 million potential customers.

Why is Sri Lanka getting bad to worse?

yes the war is over, yes people have peace in the country, but what is the cost we have paid for this? have anybody considered it? we grasped the country out of the hands of terrorism and placed it snugly in the palm of a dictator!

I for one am glad the war is over, its time to move ahead and look ahead at bigger better things. But sadly what i noticed is this, the current political leaders are doing the exact same thing that was done in the 1950s. No i don’t want to drag up old stuff into this post but we cannot forget the past, we have to learn from it which is what the current leaders of the Island are failing to do. The decision of trying to make the Sinhala only national anthem is just going to be the start (Mr. Wimal “Grease-Head” Weerawansa said that the Tamil version of the anthem was a mistake), the national anthem should be sung from the heart and felt in your soul, how can a group of people belonging to a country sing with pride and love their own national anthem if they do not know what they are saying? is it really fair?? The next by the government is the acquiring of land belonging to the people of the North and the East into the army. This was exactly another reason that brought about the conflict in the 1950s.

Sadly in Sri Lanka there is no more voice, your either with the Rajapaksas, or your against them, that is you are either a patriot or a traitor. The majority choose to be a patriot for the wrong reasons, if they voice against the Mighty King Kong, they have to pay quite dearly with their lives (the baboon in the parliament Mervy/Pervy Silva will take care of that).

Most people fail to notice that most of the commercial tax payers, and the financial district is Colombo, but sadly, their voice is whats the least heard. They are frankly the people who are most affected. Previously, when the LTTE wanted to plant a bomb…where else but good ole Colombo, a government sponsored propaganda rally??….ohhh come to Colombo the busiest part of Sri Lanka and close the roads for the entire day, want to introduce a new expensive tax for business men?? there is more than enough suckers in Colombo..come come!! We are getting new foreign investors to Sri Lanka, but how long do you really think this will hold? Foreign investors will only be interested in a market where there are people to buy their products, but when there is  a reluctance to spend? The Rajapaksas are slowly digging the graves of the local business men who, when the foreign investors leave, are the only ones capable of bringing the market back up! The Rajapaksa government is not helping, by causing a rift with all international communities. They recently rejected to renew the EU trade agreement, playing a game of tug-o-war with the UN and tickling the nerves of foreign diplomats in Sri Lanka.

They extort money in the form of new intricate taxes from people who have businesses, not to mention the kidnapping and threatening of them too (personal experience I gained from business men i know who live in Sri Lanka), this only causes business to move to other more stable markets in more stable countries.

I am not saying that its an easy job to run a country that’s just come out of a war, but at the price the people of Sri Lanka are paying, it seems like Sri Lanka is going to end up like another Cuba, Libya or North Korea. They say you can judge a man by his friends, have you noticed who Rajapaksa’s friends are? He is friendly with Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has numerous human rights violations under his belt not to mention running a government that is vastly influenced by bribery. Then there is Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the former Maldivian president, who was famous for his dictatorship style of rule, he is also accuded of autocracy and of nepotism. Recently Rajapaksa has offered asylum in Sri Lanka to the current Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Does anyone notice the pattern? Dictatorship, autocracy, nepotism,etc. Does anyone see the rise in the same pattern of rule in Sri Lanka?

How does all of this effect the Rajapaksas? It wont affect them at all, “why?” you ask, that’s easy to answer, the Rajapaksas practically have a stake in every business in Sri Lanka. The President, together with his brothers and sons, have a cut from practically every business run in Sri Lanka. They either get a cut or won the establishment. Any land they see fit becomes their own. The emergency rule (which is still in effect post war) lets the secretary of defense (good old Gotha), obtain any land he sees fit unto himself. Is it really right to give a secretary that much power? Is this power still required? Will the president have given the same amount of power to some other minister if that person were not related to him? All this affects only one person, the average common man/woman of Sri Lanka. A person who has to sweat blood in order to put food on his family’s plate, put clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads, while the Rajapaksas are happily enjoying their merits plucked from this common Sri Lankan!

I think it was Napoleon who once said  “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, But because of the silence of good people!”. Sad but true in the case of Sri Lanka. An opposition with no spine and engulfed with infighting, they too are old people sitting around a chair trying to chop another ahead to gain power. This is not true politics. Politicians are servants of people of a country to give them a better living. Sadly the masters have become the servants and the servants the Gods. This is the true nature of politics in Sri Lanka. The people have lost their voice. They should stand up for their rights and echo with once voice that they will not be banished without a fight, leave aside all their differences and voice out. Make the politicians understand that in front of the power of the people, their thuggery and manipulation will turn to dust.

Sri Lanka is such an amazing, beautiful place savaged by bad politics!

(your comments are much welcome, i will not delete them even if they are good or bad, its your opinion and i will respect it, but no trash talking or racial or religious comments! if i see that in a comment it WILL BE DELETED)