Will a 120 volt playstation 3 work on a 230 volt outlet? Or will a 230 volt playstation 3 work on a 120 volt outlet? The answer will surprise you!!

Many people have the question if their 120 volt Playstation 3 will work if they plug it into a 230 volt outlet in another country, or will it lay a fart and fry. Some other people have the question whether their 230 volt Playstation 3 will work if they plug it into a 120 volt outlet, or will it just sit there like a brick. Many people consider buying a transformer, or a voltage converter. Even I was considering this when I was planning to take my PS3 slim from one country to another, I checked the internet and couldn’t come up with a good reliable answer, so I was curious so I opened up my PS3 to check the innards (an open chassis surgery so to speak).

Well will the PS3 survive the voltage changes? Well folks it looks like the PS3 supports UNIVERSAL POWER INPUT….that’s right, you can plug your PS3 from any country (that is of any voltage) to a power outlet in another country with any voltage, and the PS3 will not fall flat and die.

This is what was shown on the outside label of my PS3 from North America:

but when I cracked her open and checked the power unit on the inside, this is what it said:

Notice the outside label says to plug in only 120 volts, but the power unit on the inside notes that the unit can handle voltages between 100-240 volts.

Yeap, most modern electronics come with universal power input these says, as its much easier and cost effective for manufactures to make one product and labeling it different than making two varieties of the same product. Due to certain laws in certain countries and other mumbo jumbo, they are required to label the product as the power output of that country, even though the machine will accept universal input.

Again I dont know if this rule of thumb for the power supply will apply for the first generation PS3 (the fat one), my PS3 was the slim kind and this is what I found on the inside.

Guardians of Magic – Amanda’s Awakening Walkthrough (Part 3)

Ok here it is guys, the final part of the walkthrough! I have been really busy with my exams so I am sorry for the late post.

78) From the Ritual Hall, enter the Fairy Woods painting.

79) Give the fairy on the tree the feather, sea shell and the coin.

80) The fairy will leave behind a package for you. Investigate the package.

81) Open the package up using the knife and pick up the fairy picture, the letter from grandpa, the blue print for the power drain machine and solve the puzzle box to get the 8th piece of the power drain machine.

82) Now head back to the house through the library and enter the room with the front door of the house, and click on the paintings on the left wall.

83) Attach the fairy painting on the frame.

84) This will open a secret opening in the wall with a puzzle box inside.

85) Solve the puzzle box and get the 9th piece of the power drain machine.

86) Now head all the way back to the Ritual Hall and enter the Magus Industries painting.

87) Click on the computer monitor and a picture of you will be taken.

88) Then click on the drawer near the computer and take an empty ID card.

89) Put the empty ID card into the printer and click on the print button on the monitor, and take your new ID card from the printer after its been printed.

90) Go to the staircase and enter the door on the left.

91) Then use the bubble blower machine to find the magical trail and follow the trail to the door on the far left.

92) Use the spark spell on the security drone to short circuit it and use the bubble blower machine again to follow the trail. Go to the door on the right.

93) Use the bubble blower machine again to find the trail and enter the door on the right.

94) Use the spark spell again on the security drone.

95) Use the bubble blower machine and go through the second door on the left.

96) Use the spark spell on the drone and enter the corridor on the left.

97) Go to the door and speak to Mera and she says that something is needed to pick the lock on the door.

98) Backtrack all the way to the main lobby where the computer monitor was and enter the elevator using your ID card.

99) After entering the elevator, click on the elevator control panel.

100) Click on the Offices floor (floor 5).

101) In the office you will find a broken puzzle box.

102) Click on the screen on the top left corner to get the instructions to make the corrosive gel.

103) Click on the lab table in the left corner.

104) Add the green, orange and red chemicals in the mentioned order from the test tube to the petri dish. When the right formula is met, the solution in the petri dish will turn a dark purple color that bubbles. When this happens, use the fire spell on the petri dish to heat the solution and activate it and turn it into the red corrosive gel. Pick the gel up and keep it.

105) Click on the safe on the right of the office.

106) Since you don’t know the code to open the safe, use the corrosive gel on the safe to open it.

107) Get the 10th and last piece of the Power Drain Machine and assemble the entire machine using the blueprint.

108) Enter the elevator and go to the Research Lab floor (floor 3).

109) Click on the monitor and find out that the Doctor is planning to build a massive robot.

110) Enter the elevator and go to the Storage floor (floor 1).

111) The room will be dark and you need to turn the generator on.

112) Get the fuel container from the left and pour the fuel in to the generator.

113) Then turn the power switch on.

114) Click on the boxes on the left to get a wire cutter.

115) Click on the boxes on the right and cut a piece of wire using the wire cutter from the spindle of wire.

116) Now go back all the way to Mera in her locked room.

117) Use the piece of wire on the door lock to set Mera free and she will give you your last spell, the freeze spell. You will be taken back to the storage floor.

118) Unlock the door by using the Power Drain Machine on the electronic lock and enter the hanger.

119) After the cut scene, use the freeze spell on the left and right arms of the robot and zap the drones, that come to melt the ice, with the the spark spell.

120) Use the freeze spell on the left and right leg joints of the robot.

121) When the robot falls and its head cracks open, use the Power Drain Machine on the crystal inside its head.

122) That’s it, the game is done 😉

whewwwwww now that its done, time for some hot chocolate!! This is the end of the Amanda’s Awakening walkthrough!!