YouTube Is Currently Dead!! (UPDATE 3)

As of 22.30 GMT, on May 18th 2011, YouTube servers seem to be experiencing some server issues that is causing the “502 Server Error” to pop up! As of now I have been able to verify that the North Americas has been affected. If there are more regions affected please let me know! I will update this post as time goes on!

Update 1: Brazil and UK seem to be experiencing the problem too!! (thank you Cícero & Gary Spurway)

Update 2: As of 23.00 GMT, YouTube still seems to be kicking the bucket!!

Update 3: As of 23.10 GMT, YouTube seems to be back in action people!! so now we can stop living our real lives and go back to staring at movies the whole day and waste some really good productive time hehehehehehehehe!! cheers!!

The Gaga is going to fondle some farm animals on Farmville!!

BITCH STAY OFF MY FACEBOOK!! That’s all I can say right now, since I don’t play Farmville, but sadly I know friends who do and I also know that the advertising propaganda will start pretty soon all over my Facebook even though I don’t want to see that rabid poo-flinger anywhere on my Facebook.

Its not that I don’t like Lady Gaga as a human being…..sigh who am I kidding?? I hate that woman and her mere existence, and her sorry excuse for music and her frivolous attention seeking schemes (I just hope one day she gets a high heel that’s like 200 feet tall and falls from it).

Okay now onto the matter at hand. Apparently, in anticipation of her new album “Born This Way”, which is scheduled to be released on May 23rd, Lady Gaga has teamed up with Zynga, the creators of Farmville in order to create her own GagaVille in Facebook. Fans can come to her GagaVille and see sheep wearing leather on motorbikes, unicorns and crystals and a whole lot of other crap. Furthermore Zynga are no idiots, they want to cash in as much as they can with this messed up venture. Zynga is putting up ten virtual items across their games for players to get. They are also shelling out, for people who pay to play a $25 Zynga Game Card,  a free download of Lady Gaga’s new “Born This Way” album plus exclusive bonus tracks when the album is released on May 23, and oh yea, with it they are also putting in a free  Farmville unicorn (wooowwwww a $25 digital unicorn….that’s what I always wanted *sick*). Zynga also allows Gaga fans to download exclusive tracks from  “Born This Way” before the album officially comes out. Throughout May 17th to 19th, Farmville players can unlock and stream a new unreleased track per day, and on May 20th to 23rd, players can unlock and stream a significant portion of songs from the new album and some special bonus remixes. And there are a few contests that is being sponsored by Zynga for the Gaga fans (or no self respect, no self confidence people and tone deaf people I would like to call them) who can BUY (again see how they make money out of idiots being idiots) Game Cards and get a chance to be in a draw to win a chance to go see Lady Gaga (if you do win remember not to take peanuts or bananas when you go to see Gaga, zoo keepers don’t like you feeding the animals), with 6 other winners, shoot her next music video. Lastly, for those who play and win the game “Gaga Word Of The Day” on Zynga game “Words With Friends”, will get entered to win tickets to a concert where the flea bitten baboon will be performing while on tour and signed copy of “Bron This Way”.

I don’t see why any sane person will get caught up in this who fiasco. This whole Farmville thing starts on the 17th, just 6 days before the official album release on the 23rd. If you like this type of ear bleeding music, then wait, instead of spending money for nothing, and get the album when it is officially released and buy it. Besides, you really think she is going to release the all the crap (songs)  that she thinks is good from the toilet-bowl (album) for free? she will most probably pick out the crap she thinks is bad and give it for free or just give teases of crap that she thinks is good, at the end of the day you will be wasting time and money on crap (this case I really meant crap). Crap, which after a few days, you can most probably download from the internet for free or choose the crap that you like from itunes and download only that crap instead of trying to buy the entire toilet-bowl full of crap and listening to only a few pieces of crap.

I just can’t understand why sane people, turn insane over a talentless mutant ninja turtle and give her this much attention. If she doesn’t get this much attention, she will just shrivel up and implode and do all of us a favor.


Streaming movies to arrive in Facebook!

It has been reported that Warner Bros Studio is planning to stream some it’s movies to Facebook. This will be an very interesting development, as the procedure is to rent the movie to watch it.

Any user wanting to watch a movie can rent it from Facebook for 30 Facebook credits, which is approximately equal to $3, they then have 48 hours to watch the movie.

Warner Bros thinks it might be a new way for them to procure more profits, but is it? will people pay money to watch something only through their browser, especially when there are quite a lot of illegal sites on the internet that let you do the same thing
The facility will only be available in the US at the beginning and if the initial US test proves successful, the facility will be rolled out to other countries.for FREE, not to mention there is no 48 hour restraint. Warner Bros is the first studio to work with the social networking site to bring about this feature and it seems like a very bold move indeed.

The first of the movies Warner Bros Studio intends to stream is of course “Dark Knight”. A good choice I would agree!!

I think it is a bold step by movie studios to take this step forwards, instead unlike those greedy assoles in the Record labels. Cheap and fast legal movies is a good initiative. Warner Bros was smart in choosing Facebook too as they don’t need to gather customers as there is already almost 500 million potential customers.