8-Year-Old gets pepper sprayed!

I thought I wont post anything on my blog till my exams were over but came across some interesting news so had to share it.

A 8 year old boy from Colorado, Aidan Elliott, got pepper sprayed by the police cause he was being an ass in school. According to the police report, Aidan got started  into his tantrum while on the school bus, and after he reached school, during breakfast, he went loco and started throwing chairs at his teachers. “He was being very aggressive, very violent,” said Melissa Reeves, the school district spokeswoman. Aidan Idiot then started to throw more chairs and a tv. Fearing for the safety of the other 8 students in the classroom, the teachers took the students into an office room and barricaded themselves with the students inside the office room. The idiot then tried to break the office door down with a cart to get to his fellow students and teachers inside the office. No one apparently could calm him down, not even the staff in a program for children with behavior problems like him. So they called police, who had intervened with Aidan twice before.

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