Down Goes The Chief Justice With Democracy And All!!

A dire day in Sri Lanka. Mahinda Rajapaksa, together with his circus of morons in the parliament have impeached the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake.  When I heard the news my heart just sank but I was not surprised, since whatever the Rajapksa brothers want, they get! This impeachment motion is just another rung in the ladder up for the never quenching thirst for power that Rajapaksa so dearly sought after. When the impeachment motion is signed in by Mahinda (and it will) the judicial system in Sri Lanka, the final place of reconcile for its people, will be gone. Hence forth will be the full out right rule of Rajapaksa. No one will be able to question him and disagree with him, whatever him and his band of bothers decide to do, they can and they don’t have to answer to anybody. The people have lost their voice. I have always though that democracy was long dead and that we were just a facade of pseudo democracy to please the international community, to pacify them; but this is a blatant route to anarchy and dictatorship and still we, the people of Sri Lanka, keep our mouths shut and let the Rajapaksa clan kick us around. Honestly do we have no self respect? have we no self determination? I guess its more to do with the mind set of the Sri Lankan people. All that the Rajapaksa brothers have to do is go on stage and say its anti-patriotic if we don’t think on their demented mind set, or the other same horse they have been riding on since the end of the war about 4 years ago, all they have to say is “THE LTTE IS BEHIND THIS” and most people in Sri Lanka have their panties riding up their asses. Honestly after listening to the same cock and bull for the past 4 years one would think the people would have wizened up by now, but no, not Sri Lankans. Its sad but its a common trait with all dictators, in how they have a way of mesmerizing people into their way of thought even if their way of thought is curdled up even more than a septic tank (Hitler anyone? he manipulated most of the German population to think along his demented ideas).

With the collapse of the judicial system, the final wall between the people and the government is demolished, leaving the people bare to be abused and taken advantage of by the government. Rajapaksa and family now hold the treasury, defense wings and now finally the judiciary in their power and they can use them as a marionette anytime they want to do whatever their bidding maybe and the people are powerless to stop it. The media has already been stifled to silence by the Rajapaksa government and his pet rabid mongrel Mervyn Silva. The people just curse under thier breaths but accept the tyranny. What I don’t understand is, how can we just accept the tyranny?? Are we such pathetic beings that we need to give up our human rights and our freedoms, so that politicians and their families can live such comfortable lives? Where is the voice of the common man?…….Oh yea the common man was found right here celebrating the death of democracy for a bottle of kassipu and a packet of rice not even knowing what they were protesting and celebrating about and the consequences of it! The government did the usual trick to fool everyone, get truck loads of people from the rural areas promising them money, food and liquor to come for a day into the capital to celebrate the impeachment of the Chief Justice and to show that they support the president on this decision to drive a stake through the heart of the blindfolded lady justice. If half of these morons actually understood what they were being duped into, they would be slinging mud at Rajapaksa! And since the regime has the entire media infrastructure in the country to only preach what they want people to hear, the truth never comes out and the people are always misinformed. If any media outlet dares to speak the truth, out comes the rabid mervyn and crew, with gun ablazing to silence them down. Where is the media freedom? Isn’t a free, well functioning press the epitome of a democracy?

There seems to be a great divide between the educated and people of the rural region, instead of educating them of the way of the world, the government exploits such people to further its own ends. Mind you its not like all the educated think straight, I know some educated fools who still try to rationalize stupidity even though they know its stupid. they can see all around them that democracy is decaying and dying but they still would rather turn a blind eye to it than accept it as the alternative is too tiring or risky for their lives! Is this the Sri Lanka that is remaining? We keep rambling on at anyone who will lend an ear as to how beautiful and amazing our country is and how there are so many hidden adventures for people to explore but is this the reality we are facing now? I usually tell anyone who asks about Sri Lanka from me that it is a beautiful and amazing country, with so much to see and do but its being ruined by bad politics! I stand by it. Sri Lanka is just AMAZING but the politics that’s going on in our country right now is just stabbing at our beautiful country and letting her bleed alive. We, the people let this happen! During each of Rajapaksas incremental seize for power we just stood back and let him! When he  infused controversial amendments into the constitution, we just sat back, whined and let him do it. When he kept increasing taxes under bogus new schemes, we whined and paid them. When he killed or subdued anyone who opposed him (the assassination of Lasantha Wickrematunge, the arrest of Sarath Fonseka and the stifling of the press by threats and intimidation) we just let them get away with it even though we knew the Rajapaksa family, together with the band of murderers he covers under his sarong (Mervyn and the fellow animal folk), were responsible. When Rajapaksa started conscripting family members into the government and giving them posts, not only did the family members did not deserve the posts, they also did know how to handle it and also abused it, and when Rajapaksa just started dishing out more power to these morons, we, the people, just stood back with our arms folded and nodded our heads and let it happen even though we knew autocracy will always be a stepping stone to dictatorship. When Rajapaksa started selling our country out little by little to the Chinese, first slowly, and now at an increasing and open affair, we just thought of the short term benefits and not think about the long term hole we were digging ourselves into. We have quite literally sold our soul to the Chinese.

We did not voice out! We never do! That is the advantage of the politicians in Sri Lanka. The know exactly how and when to manipulate us. We forget about everything that has been done and the amount of times we were used as mere pawns so that the President and his merry lot can live a luxurious life and a life of excesses at our expense. The rise of bad men into power is because of the silence of good men! That’s exactly what is happening in the country right now! Are we that gullible? Are we that stupid? Are we that repugnant? Is this what the people power of Sri Lanka is? I mean if politicians can open our mouths and pour manure into it day after day after day, and we just gobble it up and ask for more. Where is our self respect? When will be the time we spit the manure back at their faces and make them gobble it up! WE HAVE THE POWER…..WHY THE BANANA DON’T WE USE IT? The opposition is a worthless assembly of spineless jellyfish. They should voice concerns and retort on behalf of the people, but they don’t. The system is falling apart and very soon we, the people, will be paying the price.
By that time, the Rajapaksa family will have looted all our money and taken asylum in some other country with enough money for generations of thier families to live a luxurious lives, while we will be striving to make ends meet. This is not the Sri Lanka that I, or any single person who loves Sri Lanka, envisoned for her. I want my country to prosper and rejuvinate after all these years, not to be ravaged and exploited by mongorls who stride with power in their hands. The people put the power in their hands, and we the people have the power to take it way. The times of fidgeting with our fingers while our democracy and rights gets stripped away from us should stop. We are heading a totalitarian dictatorship which will culminate in no good outcome for the people. Its now or never. We should ask the people we elected into power the necessary questions and not be ok when they refuse to answer us, they are obliged to answer to us, we are the people!

The sacking of the Chief Justice is the last nail in the coffin of Sri Lankan democracy, any fool who doesn’t see that and any fool who does not acknowledge that, is a fool that let our beautiful country get defiled by selfish and ruthless politicians and helped our country sink into the deep, dark clenches of dictatorship. History shows how democracies turmoil into dictatorships, and Sri Lanka is showing all the signs. The international community will not do much to help, as they have their own agendas with Sri Lanka and they have too much red tape to cut through. Its time for the people to stand up and identify as the true owners of the country, not the politicians (they are just paid workers we have entrusted to run the country PROPERLY, in retrospect the people are the employers and the politicians are the employees. If an employee or employees are not working efficiently or we know they are abusing their position, as the employer we have the power to  relive them off their duties and find a better replacement). WE NEED TO VOICE OUT!!

I sincerly hope that Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake will ignore her dissmisal by Rajapaksa and contiune her work, honuring the motion put forward by teh Supreme Court that she can carry on with her work. She should answer to the law, not Rajapaksa. No matter what Rajapaksa thinks, he is not above the law. He is a common man employed by the people to do a job, and his job description does not constitute to be God. I hope the members of the judicial system, including all international lawyers condemn this impeachment and show Rajapaksa where he should stand. I hope the Sri Lankan Judaical system will not recognize any new Chief Justice who will be appointed by the government to be the puppet of Rajapaksa. All I can say is STAY STRONG Dr. SHIRANI BANDARANAYKE!! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!

P.S: 3 of my friends who read this article agreed with what was written but also advised me against publishing it as they were afraid for my well being, so of course I am going to publish it. I have already gotten a few hate mail and flack for my previous articles on the Rajapaksa regime but all I can say is “mmeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh”.  Some one has to voice out in some way.

Rolls Recipie – Sri Lankan Style (ironic…they also call it chinese rolls)!!

Well when I made cutlets, I also made rolls (the Sri Lankan rolls, not any other crappy ones) so I decided to post that recipe too. Hope you guys like it…woooohoooooo…now to cooking!!


For the filling-

1) 1 tin of fish, about 250 grams (recommend sardine or mackerel but can use tuna from the store too, you can even use fresh cooked fish).

2) About 3 medium sized potatoes.

3) 4 green chillies (or hot peppers as they call it here).

4) 2 big yellow onions (even polka dotted is ok as long as its freakin onions).

5) 1 cup of finely chopped carrot

6) 4 cloves of garlic.

7) 1 teaspoon mustard seeds.

8.) 1 teaspoon cumin seeds.

9) 1 teaspoon pepper (or as much as you want).

10) 1 1/4 teaspoon red chili powder (paprika powder for the folk here).

11) 1/4 teaspoon dried red chilli pieces.

12) 1 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder.

13) Salt to taste.

14) *4 hard boiled eggs cut in half if you want to make egg rolls* <—- this is up to you!!

For the batter-

15) 3 – 4 cups all purpose flour

16) About 4 – 5 cups of cold water or room temperature water (you might need more or less water depending on how much is needed to make the batter smooth)

17) Salt to taste.

To fry-

18) 2 eggs.

19) Bread crumbs.

20) Oil to fry.


If you are using tin fish, drain all the water out of the can (if there is water in the roll from the fish, then the roll becomes too moist and soggy later and it will start to give out a strrrrrrrrrange smell <—– said with a weird accent), and remove all the bones and unsightly stuff. Then either using a spoon or your hand just pull it and tear it apart to tiny pieces. If you are using fresh fish, then boil the fish and do the same as the tin fish, remove the bones and skin and other nasty stuff and make tiny pieces of the fish.

Then take your potatoes and boil them till they are nicely soft and tender then smash it up and break the potatoes up (do not smash it to mush but rather into tiny pieces, the roll should have the yummy bite of the soft potato).

Chop up the onions, green chillies and garlic into tiny pieces. Make sure the onion and garlic is chopped well into tiny pieces. Keep the finely chopped carrot with these chopped ingredients on a plate to make it easier.

Filling Preparation:

Heat 3 tablespoons of oil in a pot or wok, on medium heat, and let the oil heat up. When the oil is nice and hot, add the mustard seeds and cumin seeds. When the mustard seeds start to pop and the cumin seeds start to split, add the chopped garlic and mix for about 2o seconds to flavor the oil. As soon as the garlic starts to change color, add the onions and salt (don’t put too much salt, if the amount of salt you put is too little its ok you can add salt later when you taste it but if you put too much then you are screwed so be careful, adding salt while the onion is cooking is a good time to add the salt for the dish as the salt helps to cook the onion faster by getting the moisture out of the onions). When the onions start to turn a light translucent and start to become a light shade of brown, add the green chillies, carrot and the fish. Stir the mixture for about a minute, then add the crushed potatoes. While mixing, add the turmeric, pepper, red chilli powder and the dried chilli pieces. Keep stirring the mixture well till the mixture is all nice and even, taste to see if the amount of salt is to your satisfactory, if not add some salt and mix well. Remove the mixture from the heat.

Preparing the Batter:

While the mixture is cooling down, take a large bowl and mix in the flour and a little amount of salt. To this start adding cold water little by little and keep stirring with a spoon or mixing with your hand (I prefer my hand, its much easier to handle the mixture, but be careful, don’t spill the mixture around it sort of hardens and sticks onto everything making white stains, I ruined my favorite sweater cause of this damn thing…..I just read this again and realized I told to use your hand and if your not careful you will end up with white stains on your clothes hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha), using cold or room temperature water will help to reduce lumps formed in the flour mixture. Keep stirring and mixing until you break some o the lumps, try to make the amount of lumps as less as possible, the lesser the lumps the better but if you get a few lumps, its ok it wont matter (just blame the flour and batter hehehehehehehe). Keep stirring in water and mixing until you get a nice smooth batter with a nice flow consistency.

Making the rolls:

Take a flat non-stick frying pan (if you are using a normal pan, soak a piece of cloth with oil, and rub around the pan every time you make a pancake with the batter) and keep it on a medium heat. When the pan is hot, pour a spoonful of batter onto the middle of the pan and swirl and rub the batter around with the underside of the spoon to get a nice thin circle, and leave it for about a minute then flip the pancake over to the other side to be cooked for another half a minute and then transfer the cooked pancake onto a cutting board or plate with the side that was cooked for half a minute on the underside and place a little amount of the filling in the middle of the 1 minute cooked side of the pancake, and pull in the sides and roll the pancake over the filling so as there is no opening into the filling and its nice and sealed. Then repeat the process till all the filling is over and you get a nice big stack of rolls.

To make egg rolls, after placing some of the filling on a cooked pancake, keep half of the boiled egg in the middle of the pancake before rolling it up to a good seal and voila….you got yourself a sexiiiiii looking egg roll!! (the egg in the picture below looks mutated cause I sort of dropped the egg too fast into the boiling water so the shell sort of cracked while boiling and hence the mutated egg result, but I am sure you buggers can boil an egg better than moi so er…let my poor egg be!! hehehehehehehe!!)

Breading the rolls:

Time to make the breading station. Keep the un-breaded rolls on a  plate on one side, then a dish or container of the two eggs well beaten (needs to be beaten well cause we are using it as the egg wash) next to the rolls plate and finally another plate filled with bread crumbs.

Dip the un-breaded rolls in the egg wash thoroughly, make sure the entire roll is covered with the egg wash completely and then dump it into the bread crumb bath and roll it all over the bread crumbs until it is completely covered with bread crumbs, then move the finely breaded roll onto a plate or container. Be careful while breading so as not to open up the rolls, so handle it carefully during the whole process. Try to use one hand for the egg washing and your other hand for the breading, if you use the same hands or both hands for the egg washing and breading you will have egg all over the bread crumbs and bread crumbs in the egg was container and your hand will become all sticky and bread crumby like you just anal probed the pillsbury dough man with your fingers (yes….I first used both hands and it was a disaster).

Time to fry:

Add liberal amounts of oil to a saucepan, add enough oil so that your rolls will be completely immersed in the oil cause we are going to deep fry and we need an even fry on all sides (if you have a deep fryer, even better you lucky bastard, you can use that). Keep the sauce pan in a medium heat, and let the oil heat up. When the oil is nice and hot (you can test if the oil is hot by sprinkling a little bread crumbs onto the oil, if the bread crumbs start to bubble and fizz then the oil is ready). Now add a few rolls into the oil and fry them till a nice golden brown color is achieved (don’t over crowd the saucepan with rolls, the rolls wont cook properly then). After they are fried, remove from the oil and put it onto a container or plate lined with a paper napkin so that the excess oil gets absorbed by it.

That’s it, pat your self on the back……you made rolls!! now sit back and….after you clean up the kitchen that is!! You can eat the rolls with any freakin sauce humanly possible or just plain….its just as yummy…wooohoooooo!!!

Cheers guys 😉

Why is Sri Lanka getting bad to worse?

yes the war is over, yes people have peace in the country, but what is the cost we have paid for this? have anybody considered it? we grasped the country out of the hands of terrorism and placed it snugly in the palm of a dictator!

I for one am glad the war is over, its time to move ahead and look ahead at bigger better things. But sadly what i noticed is this, the current political leaders are doing the exact same thing that was done in the 1950s. No i don’t want to drag up old stuff into this post but we cannot forget the past, we have to learn from it which is what the current leaders of the Island are failing to do. The decision of trying to make the Sinhala only national anthem is just going to be the start (Mr. Wimal “Grease-Head” Weerawansa said that the Tamil version of the anthem was a mistake), the national anthem should be sung from the heart and felt in your soul, how can a group of people belonging to a country sing with pride and love their own national anthem if they do not know what they are saying? is it really fair?? The next by the government is the acquiring of land belonging to the people of the North and the East into the army. This was exactly another reason that brought about the conflict in the 1950s.

Sadly in Sri Lanka there is no more voice, your either with the Rajapaksas, or your against them, that is you are either a patriot or a traitor. The majority choose to be a patriot for the wrong reasons, if they voice against the Mighty King Kong, they have to pay quite dearly with their lives (the baboon in the parliament Mervy/Pervy Silva will take care of that).

Most people fail to notice that most of the commercial tax payers, and the financial district is Colombo, but sadly, their voice is whats the least heard. They are frankly the people who are most affected. Previously, when the LTTE wanted to plant a bomb…where else but good ole Colombo, a government sponsored propaganda rally??….ohhh come to Colombo the busiest part of Sri Lanka and close the roads for the entire day, want to introduce a new expensive tax for business men?? there is more than enough suckers in Colombo..come come!! We are getting new foreign investors to Sri Lanka, but how long do you really think this will hold? Foreign investors will only be interested in a market where there are people to buy their products, but when there is  a reluctance to spend? The Rajapaksas are slowly digging the graves of the local business men who, when the foreign investors leave, are the only ones capable of bringing the market back up! The Rajapaksa government is not helping, by causing a rift with all international communities. They recently rejected to renew the EU trade agreement, playing a game of tug-o-war with the UN and tickling the nerves of foreign diplomats in Sri Lanka.

They extort money in the form of new intricate taxes from people who have businesses, not to mention the kidnapping and threatening of them too (personal experience I gained from business men i know who live in Sri Lanka), this only causes business to move to other more stable markets in more stable countries.

I am not saying that its an easy job to run a country that’s just come out of a war, but at the price the people of Sri Lanka are paying, it seems like Sri Lanka is going to end up like another Cuba, Libya or North Korea. They say you can judge a man by his friends, have you noticed who Rajapaksa’s friends are? He is friendly with Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has numerous human rights violations under his belt not to mention running a government that is vastly influenced by bribery. Then there is Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the former Maldivian president, who was famous for his dictatorship style of rule, he is also accuded of autocracy and of nepotism. Recently Rajapaksa has offered asylum in Sri Lanka to the current Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Does anyone notice the pattern? Dictatorship, autocracy, nepotism,etc. Does anyone see the rise in the same pattern of rule in Sri Lanka?

How does all of this effect the Rajapaksas? It wont affect them at all, “why?” you ask, that’s easy to answer, the Rajapaksas practically have a stake in every business in Sri Lanka. The President, together with his brothers and sons, have a cut from practically every business run in Sri Lanka. They either get a cut or won the establishment. Any land they see fit becomes their own. The emergency rule (which is still in effect post war) lets the secretary of defense (good old Gotha), obtain any land he sees fit unto himself. Is it really right to give a secretary that much power? Is this power still required? Will the president have given the same amount of power to some other minister if that person were not related to him? All this affects only one person, the average common man/woman of Sri Lanka. A person who has to sweat blood in order to put food on his family’s plate, put clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads, while the Rajapaksas are happily enjoying their merits plucked from this common Sri Lankan!

I think it was Napoleon who once said  “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, But because of the silence of good people!”. Sad but true in the case of Sri Lanka. An opposition with no spine and engulfed with infighting, they too are old people sitting around a chair trying to chop another ahead to gain power. This is not true politics. Politicians are servants of people of a country to give them a better living. Sadly the masters have become the servants and the servants the Gods. This is the true nature of politics in Sri Lanka. The people have lost their voice. They should stand up for their rights and echo with once voice that they will not be banished without a fight, leave aside all their differences and voice out. Make the politicians understand that in front of the power of the people, their thuggery and manipulation will turn to dust.

Sri Lanka is such an amazing, beautiful place savaged by bad politics!

(your comments are much welcome, i will not delete them even if they are good or bad, its your opinion and i will respect it, but no trash talking or racial or religious comments! if i see that in a comment it WILL BE DELETED)